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Daniel Dabbs



You know the drill. You have all the necessities packed. You even brushed up on your camping and survival skills. Now’s time for the fun stuff: the awesome things that help boost your camping game and make your trip that much better.

These things aren’t necessities, and they won’t necessarily help you survive. What they will do is make you the life of the party and make your camping trip even more enjoyable!

Here are a few things to add to your camping checklist to boost your camping game:

  • Hammock - Most can be set up easily with just two close trees, and they’re extremely comfortable. Plus, if you don’t feel like sleeping in your tent, these double as great sleeping places.  
  • Waterproof speaker - Because everyone needs some tunes -- and worry-free! Waterproof speakers can change the game because they can be used anywhere -- even in the lake!  
  • Lights - Grab some string lights, lanterns, or even lights for your hammock. This will add to the overall feel of your campsite, and set the tone for the fun you’re about to have.  
  • Solar panel battery charger - If you bring any electronics, like cell phones or MP3 players, you’ll need a way to charge them. Plus, you’ll be a hit at the party, because everyone will want to use yours.  
  • Drinking games - Sometimes all it takes is a deck of cards. Bring your campmates together over a classic drinking game. What’s your favorite?


    What’s your go-to item or items to bring on any camping trip to make it more than just a camping trip? Bring your ideas to our Facebook page!

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