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Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Preparation

Sometimes mother nature reminds humans who's in charge. Humans can't control when and where a storm surge, tropical hurricane will hit. However, we can minimize the potential damage by being well-prepared for when a natural disaster strikes.

A comprehensive guide on hurricane preparation

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can do tropical storm and hurricane preparation in the best possible way.

So, here we go:

Make a safe plan

As hurricanes are enormous storm systems. These can bring heavy rain, tropical storm force winds, storm surge, tornadoes, and flooding. Hurricanes and tropical storms are hazardous and can damage places far inland. Therefore, making a plan to stay safe during hurricanes is imperative.

You must determine the best ways to protect yourself and your family from high winds, rain, and flood damage. Have a safe plan for shelter locations or evacuation plans. Take some time to enlist and gather all the essential supplies and knowledge you may need when hurricane season arrives.

  • Write down all emergency phone numbers and place these near phone in your house. Don’t forget to program these into your mobile phone also.
  • Create an emergency kit.
  • Identify the nearest designated storm shelter or best routes to evacuate.
  • Check with local officials for additional resources provided within your community.

Stock up on your emergency supplies

You will need an emergency supplier during and even after the hurricane to keep your family healthy and safe. Always remember that hurricanes can also cut down your water and power supply. Your car damage may also keep you from driving anywhere. Roads will also be blocked or flooded.

Therefore, it is always better to stock all the supplies beforehand. Gather everything you might need during hurricane season to survive and stay safe.

Here is how you can stock up on essential supplies:

·       Prepare your emergency food supply

Hurricanes are natural disasters and can easily disrupt your food supply anytime. So, you must have enough food in hand to survive these tough days. Here are some tips for stocking up on emergency food supplies:

  • Always stock food items that have a longer shelf life.
  • Buy food items that require low or no cooking, refrigeration, or water. These food items will be handy in case of disrupted utilities.
  • Always keep the needs of babies and other family members in mind while stocking food items for an emergency.
  • Determine your pet’s needs.
  • Don’t forget to check the expiry date of dry mixes and canned food. Always use or replay food items before expiry.
  • Store food items away where these can stay safe.

·       Keep emergency power resources in hand.

Power outages can also be one of the biggest problems during a hurricane. So, it is vital to be prepared for this also. You must have emergency power sources in hand. Test your generator and store enough fuel for this.

Other than that, you should not forget to invest in high-quality flashlights. LEDLENSER ML6 750 LUMEN LANTERN can be the best option here. This can easily provide you with enough light to beat the darkness of a power outage.

Besides that, don’t forget to bring some additional batteries to survive better.

Additionally, also stock personal items and safety items.

Perform some important hurricane preps

It is always better to stay informed about any major tropical storm by following your local news channel, any other valid news source, and local officals. Keep tract of a potential hurricane warning.

Also, you must follow the evacuation orders requested by authorities. Follow the following hurricane preps to keep your home and vehicles safe.

·       Power up everything

So, here is one of the most important parts of your hurricane and tropical storm prep. You must fill the tank of your car or any other vehicle before time. Also, charge your cell phones and stock up on some additional rechargeable batteries. Also, don’t forget to test your generator and manage to have plenty of fuel in your house. This will be the handiest solution to use in case of power outages.

Bonus Tip:

Moving your car to a higher and safer place is also better. However, if you want to park it in your garage, keep it against your garage doors. Avoid parking your car under power lines, trees, or low-lying areas.

·       Secure your exterior

Securing your exterior is vital to keeping your valuables safe from hurricane effects. Trimming large trees and cutting the bushes around your house is always better. Also, bring your potted flowers, outside furniture, toys, bikes, etc., inside the house. Tie blankets or burlaps with the ropes to secure the sculptures outside your place.

·       Secure wall hangings

You may have decorated your house beautifully with different art pieces and wall hangings. However, a hurricane can easily damage your favorite art pieces and wall hangings. So, you must ensure the security of your wall hangings and take care of your art collection.

Any art pieces or wall hangings displayed outside must be brought indoors. Elevate your decorative items off the floor. It would be better to pack these in a waterproof box securely. After hurricane season, you can easily reinstall these.

·       Install storm shutters

Install appropriate shutters on your windows, skylights, and doors. These impact-resistant glasses or shutters can keep these safer from heavy rain and hurricane force winds. However, if you want to protect your windows at the last minute, you can nail plywood pieces to your windows.

·       Unplug appliances

Before a hurricane, securely unplugging and moving your home appliances is also imperative. Also, move your house fixtures to a safer place. Always ensure to keep these away from your window openings and exterior doors.

It would be better to place these in your interior closets or cabinets.

·       Store your important documents appropriately.

Use WATERPROOF POUCHES to store your documents safely. These conveniently sized zipper pouches can let you store anything important you want. In these pouches, you can keep your documents, for example, passport, birth certificates, legal papers, financial papers, and more.

Above all, you can also use these to store your jewelry to keep that in a safety deposit. Collect all your essentials, pack these into waterproof pouches, and store in your home’s interior closet.

Although hurricane preparations are important. However, it is also imperative to listen to your local officials. They will let you know whether you should evacuate or stay indoors for safety.

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