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Brandon Currin

Mission 101 Brief

Mission 101 Brief

What is up BattlBox Family? Well Mission 100 has come and gone and is in the books. So it’s time to carry on towards Mission 200.You have in front of you Mission 101 and we are excited about the future ahead. Mission 101 is filled with problem solvers. Deep into the fibers of survivability is being good at problem solving.The products in this month’s box are great for that and can be used for multiple purposes. So let’s flip the page and get on with it shall we? YEEHAW!


Basic Box

After Bite Natural Balm

After Bite Natural is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended clean ingredient solution that stops the itch and discomfort from bug bites. Oatmeal moisturizes to help reduce itch and Camphor helps the skin feel cool before turning warm to relieve pain associated with insect bites (including mosquitoes, biting flies, fire ants and bees) and skin irritations from poison ivy, oak or sumac. When you’ve used up all the product, the tin can be repurposed as a charcloth tin or storage for many small survival items.



Infinity Tool Modular Straps (4 pack)

These straps are so dang cool! Meet the InfinityTool Modular Straps by MODL.This is a wearable, adaptable companion for all your adventures and EDC.These straps can be used for almost anything. From fixing tent poles to strapping items down to bikes, packs, atv’s, and more.They are very grippy so no worries about gear slipping out and they are incredibly strong. They’re also linkable so in the event you need a longer one, all you need to do is link them together with the stainless StudLinks.This is a pack of 4: 2 short straps and 2 longer straps.They can be worn as a bracelet if you like so you will always have quick access when needed. It is truly a tool you didn’t know you needed until ya did.



Body Armor Pack Vent 10x12

So I’m gonna be honest here... I was very skeptical about this product when it was first sent to me. But now that I’ve had the sample for well over a year, I’ll say the Pack Vent is incredible! I spend a lot of time in the woods with a backpack on and 99% of the time that results in a sweaty and soaked back. Which isn’t a big deal when out in the woods, especially in the humidity of the Southeast. But dealing with a sweat soaked back at tradeshows or when traveling was a real pain point of mine. Here I am, at an a event, with a soaked shirt where my pack is riding on my back all day. It honestly bothered me. So for the past year I have been using this Pack Vent and the problem is gone. Yes, it is that good folks! The Pack Vent simply attaches to your pack with the supplied velcro and allows airflow so your back doesn’t sweat. It also adds a bit of comfort too. It’s a must have for all your packs that don’t have a built in suspension system that separates you from the pack body.



Advanced Box

Gear Aid Balta Hatchet

This BALTA compact hatchet from GEAR AID will become your new best friend in the woods. It’s a multi-purpose camp hatchet that cuts kindling with ease and will hammer stakes into hard-packed earth with no problem. It also has a stake puller that makes packing up camp effortless. An incredibly durable sheath protects the blade while around camp, in your pack, or when using it as a hammer or stake puller. By far this is the best small camp hatchet I have used to date and it is gonna be tough to find one that is going to beat it in the future. It features a 3.25” 420 stainless stonewashed blade, is full tang with an over-molded grip, and weighs in at 22 ounces.



Pro Box

Ruck and River Yonah Backpack

Preparedness requires a way to transport your gear. Whether that be creating a bug out kit, car kit, get home bag, hiking bag, or even an everyday carry. A quality pack is a must. Furthermore, being one that doesn’t bring attention to itself and is modular is a plus. Enter the Ruck & River Yonah Backpack. The Yonah fits the bill quite well. We searched out several manufacturers to help with the production of this pack and the quality provided by DEFCON 5 is unmatched. Coming in at around 65 liters when expanded, the Yonah provides a discrete look with excellent functionality. It features 600D polyester fabric for durability, internal pockets and cinch straps, external cinch straps, external loops, comfortable adjustable shoulder straps and expandability from 8” width to 13” of width.



Pro Plus Box

Kershaw Leek

Now one of my new favorite EDC’s, the Kershaw Leek is one of the sleekest and most popular assisted opening frame lock knives ever produced and designed by Ken Onion. It features Kershaw’s patented SpeedSafe technology. Just give the ambidextrous thumb stud a push and the knife takes over opening the blade the rest of the way effortlessly. Assisted opening knives are wonderful for cold climates and or use while wearing gloves. It’s also a wonderful addition for folks who struggle with one-handed operations with low dexterity or control. Features a Sandvik 14C28N steel blade, a reversible pocket clip (tip up or down carry), and a tip safety lock so the blade won’t fire by accident.

  • Overall Length: 7"
  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Blade Material: 14C28N



Kershaw TX Tool

As time passes on as a Pro Plus Subscriber to BattlBox, you have many excellent blades to choose from. Any true knife lover needs a quick and easy tool to service and maintain your knives.This is where the Kershaw TX Tool comes into play. The TX Tool now makes it possible to adjust all of your knives with one convenient tool. Whether switching out a pocket clip, adjusting a pivot or tightening a screw, you’ve now got the right tool for the job.This screwdriver set comes with 5 key bits, aT-6,T-8,T-10, Phillips, and slotted bits. It is equipped with a magnetic bit driver making it easy to change out the bits, which store conveniently in the tool’s handle. So now you can keep all of your knives finely tuned with the Kershaw TX Tool.




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