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Brandon Currin

Mission 104 Brief

Mission 104 Brief

Ahhhh YES! It is October! I love this time of year. It is typically cooling down, which means it’s a great time to get outdoors and work on those skills and of course add in some adventure. It also means Mission 104 is here and what an awesome box we have for you this month! Perhaps some items you’ve been seeing in some vidjas. Well, let’s see... flip the page and let’s breakdown Mission 104 together!

Basic Box

MTN OPS Hydrate: Lemonade

You all know how much I preach about hydration. Staying well hydrated will not only keep you alive, but it’s essential to cognitive function, blood circulation, digestion, performance, etc. It’s also important that we provide our bodies with proper electrolytes and nutrients. I made the decision a while ago to drink nothing but water and I’m glad I did for several reasons. However, I need to add in some supplementation from time to time. So, Shay and I have tried many different products over the last year and she has absolutely fallen in love with the MTN OPS HYDRATE in Lemonade flavoring. I will say she picked a great one. Not only does it taste great but looking at the ingredients, this MTN OPS product stands out from the rest. This pack provides you with 20 individual hydration sticks for your on-the-go adventures. 100% Made in the USA

Field and Stream: The Total Camping Manual 

These days we live in the deep ocean of the internet. I don’t care what anyone says... the internet can be shut down in an instant. And furthermore, information can
be suppressed. We see it everyday actually. I digress... what I’m trying to say is that you need to start a library of physical books if you haven’t already. If you have, here’s a good one to add. Field & Stream
TheTotal Camping Manual is an excellent reference companion for campers at any level, from novice day hikers to experienced backcountry adventurers. Created by Field & Stream and Audubon Magazine editor-at-large T. Edward Nickens, this essential manual instructs campers on topics including planning your trip, setting up camp, cooking large meals in the woods, and preparation for the inevitable unexpected circumstances. Knowledge is POWER! Yeehaw!

Tree Free Fire

Have you ever been somewhere and wished you had a campfire? Maybe on a patio or back porch at a friend’s house who doesn’t have a fire pit. Or maybe an area that restricts on the ground/natural material campfires. Whatever the situation, this Tree Free Fire product is a pretty dang cool solution. At 4”x 3”and weighing just one pound, the Tree Free Fire is convenient, sleek, portable, and reusable.You read that right – REUSABLE! If you only run this rascal for a little while you can snuff it out and pack it up for another time. Made from all-natural, eco-friendly, hand-dipped soy wax and peat briquettes, this campfire won’t produce any unwanted smoke, sparks, or odors, but will burn up to 8” tall and lasts 3-5 hours! No mess or fuss and it’s safe to cook over. So feel free to break out the marshmallows! Handmade in Maine, USA. Leave it to the PineTree State to go Tree Free!


Advanced Box

Überleben Kessel Pot + Waxed Canvas

So I 100% have been teasing y’all by using this product in several of my more recent vidjas. Well, it’s time you have one of your own.The berleben Kessel Pot is friggn awesome. This has been in the works for a while and I’m excited to finally be able to let the cat out of the bag.This is a newer design for the kessel. They improved the lock-down handle design, the spout transition has been improved for better cleaning, added steam venting holes to the lid, and they included a new waxed duck canvas pouch (the pouch doubles as an excellent tinder bag). This pot really begs to get out and be set directly on some hot coals or suspended above. Made from HD 304 grade Stainless Steel and polished on the exterior to aid in the wipe down of soot and debris, this bad boy will surely become a favorite on your adventures. Paired with the Stöker Flatpack Stove sent a while back, YOU GOT A WINNER!

Pro Box

Hybridlight Atlas 600 Lantern & Journey 700 Flashlight

Let there be LIGHT!You can never have too many sources of light.Trust me... I just got done dealing with a hurricane situation. Hybridlight makes some dang durable and crazy bright lights. I have several Hybridlight products from many years ago and they just keep right on kick’n.

The Atlas 600 Lantern will flat out light the dang place up when you need it. Adjustable from 25 lumens to 600 lumens, you will surely find a level of light that works for your situation.The 4000mAh lithium-ion battery at full charge will provide about 100 hours of light. And the dang thing floats!

The Journey 700 Flashlight is a workhorse! Reliability and brightness is important when it comes to flashlights and when you need one, you need it to work.The Journey 700 has a 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery which can provide 25 hours of light.

Both are chargable via USB and the built in solar panels and both have the ability to charge other devices.These rascals can hold a charge for 7YEARS, they’re bright, they’re versatile, they’reTOUGH... and they’re friggn’ cool! Sounds like a pretty dang good combo to me! YEEHAW!

Pro Plus Box

Holtzman Clip Point Folding Pocket Knife

Man, I love me some Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival knives!This month the Pro Plus is a Clip Point Folder and it’s NICEEEEE!This liner lock folder features a flat grind 3.58” D2 steel clip point blade, ceramic ball bearing pivot, gray G10 scales with red liners, lanyard hole, pocket clip, and comes in at an overall length of 8.5”. The knife looks great with the contrast of the black blade and the gray G10. Outside of looks, this knife feels great in the hand. Well balanced and so smooth with the ceramic ball bearing pivot. Holtzman never disappoints with the quality and designs of their blades and they are sharp. Included with this knife is a soft sided case and a sharpening stone to keep this dude at the ready.

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