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Brandon Currin

Mission 89 Brief

Mission 89 Brief

It’s July 2022 and you are now in possession of Mission 89 of BattlBox. It has been an amazing year thus far, and we are now over halfway to 2023. Hopefully you are getting out and enjoying the arrival of summer and working on your adventure and survival skills. With Mission 89 we’ll introduce you to several products that we hope you’ll add to your rotation or survival preps. From procurement of food and camp organization, to protective equipment, slicing/dicing, and self defense, this month’s box has you covered. Let’s turn the page and get on with the breakdown of Mission 89 of BattlBox! YEEHAW!

Basic Box


Before I was allowed to roam with my BB gun as a kid, I always had a slingshot in my pocket. Oh the good ole days... The Pocket Shot takes me back and reminds me of the fun I had while combing the woods for critters. Launching a small projectile at 350fps can really fill the skillet in camp.The Pocket Shot’s patented design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot (They DO NOT recommend BB’s as they will tear the pouch and may be dangerous).The tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack, while storing ammo in its watertight compartment. Created and built in the USA by an incredible company, check them out and get outdoors for fun and start honing your accuracy skills.Thanks to Jake Hurley for recommending this product. The Pocket Shot is also 100% Made in the USA!


Rescue Essentials Battle Bandage ($18.50)

Let’s face it. If you spend any real time in the wild, there’s an increased chance for injury. Having a well stocked med kit at the ready is a must. We recently discovered these Battle Bandages and were so impressed, we felt they must be added to your medical preps. The Battle Bandage combines the Battle Wrap transparent compression wrap with a sterile 8” x 8” gauze pad. The transparent wrap makes it easy to see the wound while you’re dressing and to continuously monitor the injury site without removing the bandage. It includes a medical grade self- adhesive that’s non-irritating and does not leave residue on the skin.The bandage provides consistent compression without slip for effective hemorrhage control, even in harsh environments. The Battle Bandage is also 100% Made in the USA!


Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs ($25.99)

Sometimes earplugs can be a real pain in the rear.
These earplugs are completely moldable to fit your ear perfectly. No more plugs working their way out, becoming uncomfortable, etc. Also these have a Noise Reduction Rating of 31DB. A good number for hearing protection with firearms, being around loud machinery, or blocking out your buddy in hunting camp that snores like a grizzly and a barn cat are in a fight. Custom moldable, re-moldable, high NRR and made in the USA! You’ll receive one of 4 colors: Black, Orange, Green, or Blue.


Advanced Box


For those seeking more than the standard factory options, search no further than the family run business of Dedfish Co.The combination of Blake’s passion for knives and Mara’s passion for design and cooking, made them want to create the sharpest and best looking knives using ethically sourced raw materials at an unreal price.Their products are crafted to handle kitchen tasks both big and small, indoors and outdoors, for everyone from the professional chef to the home cook. Each knife is literally a work of art, as well as fully functional. The Wenge Alpine Foldable Chef Knife is very sharp, good looking, long lasting, and will fit right in at home in the kitchen or outdoors in the wilderness.


Pro Box

Nicron H35 1000 Lumens Headlight ($69.90)

Stop carrying a flashlight around and go hands-free! This high-quality and multi-function twin-engine headlamp is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, climbing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. Choose from three modes to fit your situation – spotlight mode, flood light mode, or red-light mode.The H35 is made with anti-slip straps, fits comfortably on your head, and can be easily adjusted to fit on hats and helmets. It’s IP65 water resistant and rechargeable so you’re never stranded without batteries. When you set off on your next adventure, take the H35 along and see how convenient it is to have a headlamp that frees up your hands for the journey ahead!


Pro Plus Box

M3 Tactical – M3 Force Recon ($189.99)

M3 makes all sorts of really cool tactical knives and training knives as well as EDC gear. Very well versed in knife skills and defensive training, Hunt Thornhill designed this blade to be a very solid performer in a self defense scenario. With an overall length of 7.875” and finished in their “Force Recon” Murdered Out black, this full tang fixed blade sports a CPMD2 steel ground to a razor sharp edge.The black removable G10 scales paired with the finger ring handle, makes the M3 Force Recon ideal for thrusting and slashing. Did I mention this is a BattlBox Exclusive Edition? That makes you one of the first to get their hands on this blade. This blade is also 100% Made in the USA!


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