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Brandon Currin

Mission 90 Brief

Mission 90 Brief

Is it already August? It dang sure is! So that means it’s time for Mission 90 of BattlBox. Summer is in full swing and hopefully you’re spending time in the great outdoors with family and friends.This months box will for sure make those times more enjoyable.Turn the page and let’s get on with the breakdown cause it’s just that exciting! YEEHAW!

Basic Box

Atwood Rope Mini TRD Micro Cord Dispenser ($12.99)

Whether you need cord for around the house, garage, farm, or on the trail, this cord dispenser makes it easy to have on hand and ready to use. The built-in cutting blade makes cutting the right length of cord faster and easier than ever before. The dispenser is preloaded with a high-tech braided cord (100 lb tensile strength )that is incredibly strong and lightweight. Its compact design and high strength make it versatile and useful in almost any environment and application.


Charlotte's Web Custom Camp Organizer ($22.95)

The Charlotte’s Webbing Camp Organizer is an amazing product for numerous applications. Have you ever wished you had a way to keep your gear up off the ground? Or efficiently have
a way to hang up gear or clothes to dry? This organizer is 12’ of lightweight, durable webbing made from recycled plastic (doing our part for this beautiful world in which we live) with laser-cut tabs to hold the included small aluminum carabiners. Handy and strong mini clips help hang items that otherwise might not be so easy to hang. I love this product. Scan the QR code for a vidja of me demonstrating the Charlotte’s Webbing Camp Organizer.


Toadfish 10oz Rocks Tumbler ($24.00)

Toadfish drinkware is simply awesome. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to clean up a knocked over drink–on a rocking boat, fighting a fish, or simply helping someone out, only to find my drink has been bumped over and is all gone to waste. NO MORE! Just add your favorite cocktail to this Toadfish RocksTumbler and keep your drink securely up-right and always chilled. Simply place the RocksTumbler on any smooth surface and it will keep your drink in place. Includes built-in graduated measurements for the perfect pour and a shatter-proof lid with a removable slider. This is your new go-to companion for everything from bourbon to coffee.TheToadfish RocksTumbler holds on when others can’t. Also, for every product sold, they will replant new oyster beds to help clean our coastal waters. You are now a part of a lot of Oyster Beds! You will receive one of three colors. Teal, White, or Graphite.


Advanced Box

PURIBAG + P&G Combo ($49.99)

The product that has gone viral on our TikTok page and YouTube Channel is now at your disposal. This kit will clean and purify the dirtiest water imaginable. Treats sediment, arsenic, bacteria, lead, viruses, humic acid, protozoan, cysts, and DDT. The unit only weighs 6oz empty and can carry 10L of water. Perfect for a real disaster scenario like flooding, hurricanes, tornados, or even the zombie apocalypse... hopefully we never see that, but you get what I mean. Scan the QR code below to see it in action (for demo purposes only). FYI, always find the most visibly clean, and if possible, moving water you can.


Pro Box

Toadfish Stowaway Fillet System ($106.00)

Toadfish Stowaway Folding Fillet Knife

This clever fillet knife combines the high-end performance and ergonomics of a full-length fixed knife with the safety and versatility of a folding knife.The Stowaway Folding Fillet Knife features a titanium coating on the high carbon stainless steel blade and all internal stainless steel components to provide superior, salt-tough, corrosion resistance.

Stowaway Folding Cutting Board

This Stowaway folding cutting board fromToadfish is designed to easily fold, lock, and stow anywhere. When unfolded, it locks together to match the feel of a 1-piece design. Features non-slip rubber feet to grip any surface and a built-in knife sharpener so you’re never left with a dull blade.

Toadfish Neoprene Fillet Case

With the two items above, you now have a complete fillet system. But let’s take it one step further!This neoprene case is designed to stow both your fillet knife and cutting board together. Now you surely have a completeToadfish fillet system YEEHAW!!!

Toadfish is on a mission to ensure sustainable ecosystems. With every product sold, they are replenishing the population of inshore species like redfish, trout, cobia, tarpon, & flounder through donations to fish hatcheries across the United States


Pro Plus Box

Summit Knife Co. Mount Olympus Folder ($109.00)

Wow, what an amazing EDC Folder we have here!This Mount Olympus from Summit Knife Co. has a heck of a name to live up to. In my opinion it does just that and is an excellent Gentleman’s every day carry blade that doesn’t skimp on style. It features a 2.75” VG-10 steel blade, liner lock, and carbon fiber scales with brass colored hardware. At an overall length of 6.75” and net weight of 2.7 ounces, this Mount Olympus is not gonna weigh down your pockets. But, it will surely get the job done as an EDC folder and look great while putting in a days work.


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