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Brandon Currin

Mission 93 Brief

Mission 93 Brief

Cooler days and many memorable adventures hopefully are on the horizon.This month we’ve put together a box of excellent gear to aid in your adventures and add to your preps. From sourcing fire to keep you warm and fed, to cutting tools for prepping food and shelter building. We are here to get you outdoors! So flip this page and let’s get on with the breakdown of Mission 93 from BattlBox! YEEHAW!

Basic Box

Axe Wax ($22.00)

Axe Wax is a premium, 100% all-natural, food safe wood finish. This hand-made paste wax is ideal for knife and axe handles, and works equally well to prevent rust from developing on blades. It can also be used as a cutting board treatment, or for waterproofing and conditioning leather. I have used this on axe handles, boots, blades, tarp seams, and even untreated canvas and it works great. Apply a small amount of Axe Wax to warm wood or leather, gently spread the wax over the entire surface, let it absorb for 10–15 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a clean, dry rag.



MyMedic Hiker Medic MedPack ($27.95)

MyMedic has become a favorite source for quality medical supplies for all sorts of activities and needs. We love how they put together their kits and this is just another example of the efforts that they put into their products.The Hiker Medic MedPack is your all-in-one First Aid solution that has everything you need to handle the most common hiking injuries no matter how small or large. Use as a grab-and-go kit, or use as a supplemental module to boost your first aid kit or bug- out bag! It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.



 6 Inch Überleben Hexå Fire Starter ($32.00)

Being able to start a fire is a skill that everyone should be proficient in. Having the proper tools is equally important. We have never seen a ferrocerium rod quite like this. Überleben’s proprietary hexagonal ferro profile provides 6 flat sides for greater control and efficiency while allowing for more surface contact–and more surface contact means more molten showers of ferrocerium thrown whenever you need it. I mean this thing can put a Roman candle to shame! Works at any altitude, in any weather... even wet. Includes full grain leather lanyard for multiple securing options, and 6-function multi-tool scraper.



Advanced Box

Überleben Stainless Stöker Flatpack Stove + Waxed Canvas Sleeve ($48.00)

While out in the great outdoors, a flatpack natural fuel stove simply makes the adventure so much more enjoyable. The Stöker Stainless weighs in at only 15oz. The perfect balance of durability and weight. Fueled entirely by organic matter like twigs, bark, pine needles, etc., this stick stove/bio stove will keep you going indefinitely. If you can’t find fuel for this, you’re going to need more than a fire to save you! Simple 5-panel assembly allows for low profile/flat pack stow. Includes a waxed canvas storage sleeve, which doubles as a tinder bag.

  • Fueled entirely by organic matter
  • Simple 5-panel assembly allows for low profile/flat pack stow
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Includes waxed canvas sleeve; doubles as tinder bag
  • Weight: 15oz



Pro Box

MTN Bonded Skachet ($79.95)

I have made a few Vidjas showing this tool and it has always been well received. It’s been out of production for many years and has only been available at antique shops, estate sales, and a few found here and there on sites like Ebay. But luckily for all of us, MTN BONDED is bringing back a piece of survival and hunting history! The Skachet has been used for many years as an all- purpose tool that includes a skinner, hatchet, hammer, and ripper... or gut hook. You can use this tool from the hand as an improvised knife or ulu (It’s great for skinning game) or fashion a handle from the surrounding woods and use it as a hatchet or hammer. It’s a tough well constructed tool that will last generations... not to mention it is a whole lot of fun to use. Made from 65MN Carbon Steel and comes with a genuine leather sheath.



Pro Plus Box

Holtzman's Gorilla Survival - The Bloodline ($89.99)

Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival has been a hot company over the last year with a multitude of awesome survival knives. As a lifetime outdoorsman, Nate has used many knives, both cheap and expensive, and often had issues with quality and construction. After many adventures experiencing disappointment, he decided to start his own brand to provide the quality he was looking for at a price point that made sense for everyone.Thus Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival was born. The Bloodline is a premium 8.27” long survival knife with a strong, EXTRA sharp 4 inch blade of 1095 High Carbon Steel, which will help you cut rope, open holes on wood, make kindling to start a fire, and many other survival needs.The Black G10 provides the grip you need in any condition and looks really cool with the orange liners. Included with a Kydex sheath for clipping to your belt or gear, this Bloodline will serve you well on any adventure for years to come.


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