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Brandon Currin

Mission 96 Brief

Mission 96 Brief

February 2023 is here and the NewYear is underway. MISSION 96 of BattlBox will add to your preps and tools for adventure. The items in this month’s mission will come in clutch for many different scenarios in the survival and adventure space... and maybe even in actual “Space”... who knows what the future holds, right? So, let’s jump ahead into the near future by flipping the page and breaking down MISSION 96 of BattlBox.

Basic Box

OD Green Cerakote Fisher Space Pen

I don’t care what the conditions are, this pen will perform! The Fisher Space Pen is highly sought after by military and tactical personnel, survival experts, trekkers, hunters, and any outdoor enthusiast that requires their gear to perform in all environments. The Cerakote finish creates a chemical, corrosion, and heat resistant writing instrument that truly performs in extreme conditions. Olive Drab has been a fan favorite for decades and we’re proud to release this option with Fisher Space Pen on one of their most desirable models.The Cap-O-Matic line utilizes cap activation to extend and retract the point, and each carries a pressurized PR style ink refill cartridge, which means they offer all the unique capabilities that are synonymous with Fisher products: they’ll write upside down—at any angle, under water, through grease, in extreme temperatures, and of course in the gravity free vacuum of space. Fisher’s pens are lifetime guaranteed for quality against all manufacturing defects.


My Medic ZZips 2-Packs Wound Closure Kit

Making a habit of adding and replenishing items in your first aid kits is very important.You should make sure you have what you may need and confirm that everything is in ready-to-go condition. While you are doing that, we have an amazing product to add to your kit. A 2-Pack of MY MEDIC ZZIPS. These are a revolutionary alternative to traditional sutures and stitches. Easy to use. Has adjustable hasps and pain free application. I kind of think of it as a butterfly bandage on steroids. Please be sure to check out the item on the MY MEDIC website. They have plenty of pictures and training videos on how to use this exact product.



Let’s face it, the vast majority of clips found on knife sheaths and firearm holsters simply DO NOT perform well. I have for sure found this to be true over many years testing out a multitude of products. ULTICLIP provides a solution to this issue with several products including the UTILICLIP 3+. You can ditch the clips found on most holsters and knife sheaths and add the UTILICLIP 3+ which gives, in my opinion, PIT BULL holding strength! In addition, it’s usually much more concealable and less bulky than OEM clips. It is also 100% MADE IN THE USA!


Advanced Box

Klymit Everglow Light Tube

This thing is FRIGG’N AWESOME! Proper lighting in a compact but efficient package can be hard to come by. Whether it is in a camping scenario to lighting in a home during a power outage, The Everglow Light tube from Klymit is simply amazing. I have personally used this several times over the past 6 months for when the power has been out in my home. It works wonderfully with its soft diffused lighting and ease of power by simply connecting to a USB power bank. The Everglow Light Tube is an inflatable, easy-to-use light tube that provides both directional and lantern style lighting. The efficient five volt white LED light tube is perfect for camping and outdoor adventures. The light tube’s inflatable chamber reduces harsh light by diffusing the LED light. Packs down to fit in your pocket and easily attaches to your tent, awning, or car door via a hypalon carabiner loop and or magnetic connection points. Light up your next adventure!


Pro Box

Zippo AxeSaw

The ultimate camping axe or saw? Heck, how about both? Several years ago in MISSION 20 we featured this Item and it was well loved and used by the vast majority of our subscribers. I have personally used this tool so many times I cannot even count. If you have been around since MISSION 20 and have used this as much as me, then its time for a fresh one. More power with less to pack. This mighty AxeSaw is built to take on more. Its versatility is essential for the woods, it works as a mallet, bow saw, and hatchet so you can set up camp and spend time around the fire quickly without having to carry multiple tools to get the job done.


Pro Plus Box

Taurus Toureiro Fixed Blade

That’s right! My personal favorite... a Fixed Blade with a leather sheath! This is the Taurus Toureiro. The Toureiro is ready to go to work. Its overall length is 9.25” and features a 4” razor-sharp D2 satin finish blade with Durable textured G-10 scales. The scales are contoured for comfort and control. It is, of course, full tang with a 90 degree spine for those bushcraft tasks. The sheath is made of top grain leather and can be attached to your belt in either vertical or horizontal carry (also known as scout carry). This knife is so nice and balanced very well. Built for abuse and ready to take on whatever you throw at it.


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