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Brandon Currin

Mission 97 Brief

Mission 97 Brief

Yeehaw, it’s March 2023 and time to jump into Mission 97 of BattlBox!

Pro Plus Customers–When we placed the large order to include this as the Pro Plus knife of the month, the price of Bird Dog online was in line with what y’all can expect a Pro Plus knife range to be. In the month leading up to the release, we saw the price of Bird Dog plummet. While we don’t ever set expectations on a minimum price point for a Pro Plus item, there are still expectations. Unfortunately, situations like this do occur that are outside of our control (and in this case, outside of Willumsen’s control as well).

We always try to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. While most customers would be OK with the unfortunate scenario of a vendor not having pricing rules in place, we wanted to side on caution and go above and beyond. With the Pro Plus this month, you are also receiving a $20 gift card.This card has no limitations (it’s not a coupon code) and can be used for anything on our website.

This month we have products to add to your adventure kits and your need for sharp objects in the folder and fixed variety.You can never have enough of those right? So let’s flip the page and get on with the breakdown of this month’s BattlBox!

Basic Box

Epic Wipes (Large + Extra Large Size)

Hygiene while away from our “normal” facilities and luxuries can seem daunting while enjoying the outdoors. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, outdoor sports and even commercial travel can surely leave you wanting to clean up at the end of the day. Normal wet wipes are too small and flimsy. Most products are not only ineffective for a full- body cleanse, but they’re also full of toxins. That’s why Epic Wipes was developed! Epic Wipes are 16X larger than a standard wipe, so you only need one to get the job done. Individually wrapped, toxin-free, lightweight, and packable so you can take them anywhere.


Readywise Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch

Quick, easy and delicious food on the go or in camp can really make the time outdoors far more enjoyable.The ReadyWise Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch is an excellent choice to get your morning started. It is frigg’n delicious and provides plenty of calories to fuel your morning camp chores. Simply add water and enjoy while watching the world around you get its start to the day.


Stanley All In One Food Jar

Stanley is a staple when it comes to outdoor gear. I can remember as a child seeing the Stanley branding on numerous products in my Father’s storage shed. I mean old stuff.Ya buy it once and it lasts a lifetime. I’m sure if you grew up in a family that spent a lot of time outdoors you too have seen the Stanley brand and considered a best buy. Today is no different as Stanley continues to provide quality gear for those of us to use in the elements. This Stanley All In One Food Jar will be there when you need to keep your oatmeal hot or your pasta salad chilled.This generously-sized food jar is just what you need. Best yet: there’s also a hidden compartment in the stopper to keep your granola, nuts and seeds from getting soggy.


Stanley Adventure Nesting Two Cup Cook Set

There is simply nothing better than a quality stainless steel container that you can use to prepare meals and boil water directly on the campfire or camp stove.The stainless steel pot with a locking handle is great for brewing coffee or heating soup. The vented lid even doubles as a strainer. When it’s time to eat, two insulated cups allow for sharing. After cleaning up, stack everything neatly inside to store.The slim profile even makes it easy to carry in your backpack webbings that are designed for bottles.


Advantage Box

POD Fusion Solar Power Bank

I absolutely love this Solar Power Bank. It has lived on my hunting pack all season and has performed flawlessly. I’ve used it to recharge my headlamps, GoPro batteries, phone, electronic ear protection, and more. By using the carabiner to strap to my pack it continuously charges by solar so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in much at all. Also works great to power my USB driven lights that I like to use while camping or at home during a power outage. Not to mention it even has its own light for when all else fails. The Solar Fusion by POD is uniquely constructed with an integrated Li-polymer 8000mAh battery and protective rubber finish for a higher energy density and longer battery life. Its dual USB ports
have a 5 volt 2.1 output to easily charge your mobile phones, tablets, or power your usb driven light sources. To recharge, simply use any USB power adapter or emergency charging by solar power with the built-in monocrystalline solar panel. The Solar Fusion by POD power bank comes with a carabiner keyring that you can clip to your bag, and has a built-in LED panel with 3 modes: high, mid and SOS. Ideal for EDC, camping, hiking, walking, riding, etc.



Pro Box


The first CRKT knife I ever bought was an M16® from a Military Supply store by Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.That was Many ManyYears Ago! I absolutely loved that knife.The popular M16® design by the late Kit Carson is making a comeback with the stainless steel series. Keeping all the fan-favorite features from Kit’s line of tactical folders, then reimagined as an everyday carry, the M16®-04SS adds even more strength and performance to the mix. Built with a tanto, high-quality Sandvik 12C27TM blade for excellent edge retention, it’s topped with a bead blast finish to reduce any unwanted glare or reflection. Hailing from a true classic, the stainless steel M16®-04SS is a whole other caliber of comeback.

  • Flipper deploys the blade fast
  • Sandvik 12C27 blade steel for excellent edge retention
  • Stainless steel handle withstands hard use
  • Bead blast finish reduces reflection
  • Frame lock utilizes a thick lock bar to secure the blade
  • Reversible clip option provides secure carry


Pro Plus Box

Willumsen Bird Dog

What we have here is a workhorse folks! A fixed blade that can handle whatever you demand.The Willumsen Copenhagen Birddog was designed by Mikkel Willumsen to have the perfect grip. That it surely does with the combination of G-10 and the texturing done on it.The 440C stonewashed stainless steel blade brings good wear resistance and sports a 90 degree spine. It is of course full tang and features a lanyard hole for those who enjoy lanyards and the security they provide.Take this with you camping, bushcrafting, use it to do simple tasks, EDC...You name it! It will perform every time. Comes with a beautiful black leather sheath to always be at the ready.

  • Overall Length: 8.25"
  • Blade Length: 3.50"
  • Blade Style: Drop point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Blade Material: 440C stainless steel

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