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Brandon Currin

Mission 98 Brief

Mission 98 Brief


I hope you all have had a wonderful year thus far enjoying the outdoors and getting practice in with your gear. I hope receiving new and exciting gear each month is inspiring you to get outdoors and work on your knowledge and skill sets. So now we have Mission 98 of BattlBox to add more coolness to your stash. So let’s not waste any more time and get into the breakdown of Mission 98!

Basic Box

Battlbox Custom Wallet

Many many moons ago we sent out a leather BattlBox wallet just like this one. It was a big hit with our subs and became a favorite for many. Patrick Kelley (COO and one of the BattlBox founders), the man that manages and handles all operations and more at the BattlBox warehouse, is a particularly BIG FAN of this wallet!

“I like to keep my wallet in my front pocket as opposed to my back pocket so size matters.This wallet is the perfect size for an ID, a couple of credit cards, and my insurance card. Plus it keeps my money organized with the magnetic money clip. Side story on the first wallet we sent like this in Mission 5... One subscriber was using the wallet and went to a Men’s Entertainment Establishment. He walked up to the bouncer that was checking IDs and collecting the cover charge at the door. Bouncer looked at his wallet when he went to pull out his ID, the bouncer then stopped him right there, proceeded to flash his own BattlBox wallet from his pocket, and then let the guy in for free!” –Patrick Kelley



Revel Gear Trail Hound Camping Lights

Spending time in camp with friends and family is a ton of fun. With these lights, you can for sure take the vibe up several levels.These lights are guaranteed to provide hours of ambient lighting to your adventures. Whether you’re tent camping or living the van life, this 30’ strand of dimmable / motion LED’s are a great addition. Simply string up your lights however you want and plug into any usb power device.The 100 LED’s will light up your area with enough lighting to ditch the headlamps and lanterns without spoiling the vibe of being outdoors. Also this lighting kit is super lightweight weighing in at only 1.6oz.



OTS Osmotic Water Filters (2 pack)

These water filter/purifier pouches are amazing and will be an excellent addition to your water filter preps. Oh, and one of them can actually make salt water drinkable. Yep, SALT WATER! YEEHAW!The Seal works in heavily salinated water, rejecting
up to 94% of salt content, while the WaterDrop is better suited for fresh or brackish water. Both filters leverage a 0.0007 micron membrane to remove 99.9999% of bacteria.To use, just place the portable water filter in a water source and wait 4-8 hours (depending on the water source). In delicious orange and grape flavors, this 2-pack makes emergency water delicious, especially over chlorinated or chemical alternatives. Pouches are packed with Vitamin C, Potassium, and Electrolytes. OTS filters are the ultimate hydration tool for your prepper supplies.



Advanced Box

WOOX Axe Brush Sharpening Stone

Many peoples’ large cutting tools such as axes and machetes are dull. Dull is not good folks!They’re most likely dull because many don’t have the proper tools to keep them sharp. Well now ya do! The WOOX sharpening puck is a professional dual grit puck whetstone made with premium quality American sapphire ceramic. It provides an exceptionally sharp blade with minimal effort. Ideal for axes, hatchets, knives, tomahawks, shovels, chisels, scythes, spades and other blades that require razor sharp edges.The gray medium face will rapidly erase scratch marks from a file, while the fine side will bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish. Readily absorbs and retains

water and has a thin film on the surface to keep the pores of the stone free of metal fines. Also included is WOOX’s Fine Hand Brush. It is designed to help you clean and detail your rifle stocks and outdoor gear without scratching, damaging, or smudging your finish. It is great for quickly removing any dirt or dust on your axes and hatchets before cleaning and sharpening. Also great to use on soft goods such as packs and waxed canvas bags and pouches to get stubborn debris off.



Pro Box

Dedfish German Kiritsuke Duo

This is simply a thing of beauty. Cooking in camp is a ton of fun and is usually one of the most memorable activities. Now you can have a high quality cooking knife and cutting board to add to those special times preparing food in front of the campfire. Dedfish Co.’s knife and cutting board/ case helps you carry less kitchen equipment while making meal prep easier with a chef-grade 7”German Steel Kiritsuke Knife and full-size cutting board. And the best part? Everything is sustainable! From the cutting board/case material to the wooden handles of the knife – everything is ethically sourced.



Pro Plus Box

Razorback Folder

If you have followed the blade industry for a good amount of time, you’re fully aware of the “Box Cutters” or “Utility Folders” that have been in circulation.These are great working knives for typical uses such as cutting open boxes and general everyday tasks... which is great because you save yourself from dulling and damaging your favorite pocket knife. Also, the ability to flip a razor blade around, or replace it altogether to quickly have a new sharp cutting edge is a plus.The downside is the knives are typically not well built and are, in my opinion, designed in a way that you need to replace the whole system regularly.That is whereThe RAZORBACK FOLDER comes in.This rascal is built like a tank and comes with more than just the standard razor blade. It can be used for many tasks outside of the usual box cutting, such as hunting, fishing, and general outdoors tasks.The large thumb stud makes it easy to open and also functions as the blade release. Provided is a very well made nylon belt sheath that can also store your extra blades.The knife itself also has a clip if you prefer to have it in the pocket like typical pocket knives. So spare your favorite EDC blade and use this RAZORBACK folder for those common everyday tasks.


  • 2 drop point blades for everyday knife chores
  • 1 drop point with serrations to cut rope, etc.
  • 1 tanto blade
  • 1 seat belt cutter/gut hook blade
  • 1 scraper blade
  • 3 standard utility blades
  • 1 extra drop point
  • 1 extra seatbelt cutter/gut hook blade
  • 3 extra standard utility blades

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