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Patrick Kelley

SHTF Survival Foods That Will Keep You Alive

SHTF Survival Foods That Will Keep You Alive

If you're setting out to experience the desert life or the trails, there are a few essentials you must have on you. While outdoor gear, a bug-out bag, and a few survival skills are an excellent addition. There's one thing that's more important for sustenance.

Yes, it may be difficult for you to live without your luxuries, electronics, and even clothing, but none of these are survival necessities. Can you say the same with food, though? Sure, anyone can live without food for a day or two, but in extreme situations, even that may be impossible. How much food do you think you need stored away? How reliable is freeze dried food? What about packaged foods or canned goods?

So, whether you're going to a lost island or an apocalyptic shelter, here are some of the best survival foods to stock up on for your emergency food supply before you leave. Let's learn a little bit about food preservation.

1. Raw Oats

One of the healthiest grains on earth, raw oats are chock full of health benefits. Now this is prepper food. Not only are they high protein but also high in fiber and fat, so you can stay fuller for longer. In addition, it has all the essential nutrients to boost your immune system, including magnesium, folate, manganese, copper, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. It is one of the most shelf stable foods when stored properly, making it ideal for your survival food kits. You can also save money by buying in bulk.

2. Freeze Dried Fruits

How long do you think food can last? 2 years? How about ten years? Think again. You can freeze-dry fruits for up to 25 years. Yes. Yes, you read that right.

However, because moisture and oxygen may destroy any stored food, how you keep it is important. We may say the same for freeze-dried meats, which have a sustainability rate that can last for years if stored correctly. Freeze dried foods are not only a convenient survival food kit item when you have nothing else to eat, but they are also high in protein.

3. MRE’s Meals

If you've ever been or are currently serving in the military, you've probably heard of MREs. Meals ready to eat or MREs are self-contained meals made to resist extreme weather and constant exposure to the elements. Since they are generally designed for military personnel, these have a long term food storage life lasting 2 to 3 years when stored in 80 degrees or lower. However, MREs have lasted up to 20 years without losing the taste, except for minor food discoloration.

4. Canned Tuna

Answer this question; Which lean meat contains the most protein and is also the most portable? Tuna. Bingo!

The protein powerhouse contains vitamin D, which is key for bone health. It also supports the immune system and can safely be stored for 3 to 5 years. And, because it's readily available at low and affordable prices, why not stock up on a few hundred cans for your emergency food supply?

5. Dried Seaweed

Until recently, this delectable delicacy was not well-known in the United States. You may not think of it when you consider common prepper food. Usually touted as a healthier option than chips, dried seaweed is available at most grocery stores for a fair price. Every seaweed sheet is extremely thin and light, weighing next to nothing as a dehydrated food and seasoned with salt. It's a great source of iodine and can be eaten as is.

While it is one of the healthiest foods you can eat when it is raw, it loses some of its nutritional value when it is dried. However, because of its low-calorie, sugar-free, and iodine-rich nature, it keeps its benefits. A whole carton of this stuff weighs only a couple of pounds, so it's also travel-friendly. And since it's dry food, it will easily last a year a two when stored in air-tight jars. Just throw some white rice in your storage and enjoy.

6. Dried Corn

Another perfect survival food is this prepper pantry staple. You can always count on canned food to survive well in long-term food storage. This versatile food has a 20-year shelf life and can be refrigerated or store food at 70 degrees to keep it tasting fresh for longer.

While it has a short-lived season, stockpiling a good amount will allow you to use it whenever you need it without worrying about it going bad.

7. Dried Beans

When it comes to a fiber-rich, calorie-dense, and protein-dense diet, beans are the best bet. Beans are not only nutrient-dense, but they might also be your best source of calcium if you're stranded on an island. You can store dry beans in a tightly sealed food storage container, preferably in a cool, dry place. Most experts agree they will last around a year before drying out, but they can even last longer if stored correctly.

8. Canned Chicken Breast

Canned chicken is another great lean meat option on the menu that won't break the wallet and will satisfy your protein cravings for a long time. Canned chicken breast is an excellent choice for your emergency food supply because it's boneless and ready to eat. It's also portable. There's plenty of protein in each can, and a healthy daily intake will keep you full and lean.

Like other canned foods, canned chicken breast will easily last you a couple of years unopened in food storage. And if stored at lower temperatures, it can last for even longer.

9. Instant Coffee

Okay, this isn't a food, but what you get out of it is incredible. If you can’t survive with that essential daily cup of caffeine, this one’s for you!

While this might be the most ignored survival food, it can come in handy for several reasons. First, it has a good amount of caffeine. Second, it can brew within seconds, and finally, it’s the cheapest buy in the list so you can stock up as much as you want!

Besides, it’s highly portable, whether you take sachets along your trip or keep a few big jars, they can last you a good many years in food storage (at least till the end of your trip, unless you’re a caffeine addict)

But hold on a second. This isn't even the best part. Unlike the other foods on the list, instant coffee will never go bad and guaranteed to be sold at your local grocery store.

10. Powdered Milk

Perhaps you’re thinking, how can a perishable item like Milk have a shelf life? But when did we say fresh milk? Milk has a long shelf life when dehydrated into powder form, lasting 2 to 10 years. In fact, you would find non-fat powdered milk in many survival stores that claim a 25-year shelf life. Now that’s worth hoarding!

It will still contain a significant amount of protein, calories, fat, and sugar. Simply combine the powder with warm water to prepare a delicious drink just as good as fresh milk, and a great addition to your survival pantry. 

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