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Patrick Kelley

The 3 Most Important Long-Term Camping Hacks

The 3 Most Important Long-Term Camping Hacks

Planning a long-term camping trip? AWESOME. You can scour the internet for tips and ways to survive out there and make the most out of your trip, but when all is said and done, there are really 3 main tips that you should keep at the forefront.

The 3 most important long-term camping hacks:

Be okay with dirt. If you’re going on a long-term camping trip, chances are you’re okay with the idea of getting dirty. But keep in mind that your tools will also get dirty, and that’s fine. Yes, you should absolutely protect them and clean them as you go, but accept the fact that you may be eating a little bit of dirt with your meal or that your clothes won’t look quite as bright at the end of your trip. Become one with nature… including dirt and grime.

Try out your gear a LOT before you leave. Get used to your gear. Get comfortable with it. Know how to use it, know how to fix it, and know how to take care of it. Test out your stove in different weather. Make sure you can light a fire in different environments. Practice putting up and taking down your tent in the dark, in bad weather, and when you’re tired. Essentially, make sure you practice and prepare for anything that could come your way. Be. Ready. For. Anything.

Don’t cut all lines of communication. Sure, you want to get the full camping experience and truly be one with nature, but having some sort of communication option (i.e. a cell phone or a radio) could save your life. Let your loved ones know where you are, where you’re headed, and when you’ll contact them next so they can help should something go wrong. If you go missing and no one’s expecting you to touch base with them, it could be a while before anyone starts looking for you. 

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