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Brandon Currin

The Easiest Way to Carry Collected Firewood Back to Camp

The Easiest Way to Carry Collected Firewood Back to Camp

We all know one of the most tedious tasks of a camping trip is gathering firewood. You need a fire, so it’s not something you can avoid. However, it takes lots of time to find the right pieces and bring them back to your campsite - especially if you’ve had to travel deep into the woods to find firewood that’s up to your standards.

But it doesn’t have to be that tough if you’re prepared.

The gathering part may always take some time (unless you know a magical way to find enough decent firewood in one place… without buying a bag of firewood from the store - because that’s cheating). But we’ve got a quick and easy trick that’ll help you get your firewood back to your campsite with just two sticks and a paracord (need a paracord? Shop here).

Oh, and it takes less than 60 seconds.

I encourage you to take just one minute out of your day to watch this video. Believe me, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

So next time you’re the one tasked with getting firewood for camp, take my advice and “work smarter, not harder.”

Want more quick and dirty tips? Check out 60 Second Survival’s YouTube channel. You may even see a few familiar faces there.

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