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Patrick Kelley

Unexpected Uses for Paracord

Unexpected Uses for Paracord

Every good prepper or outdoorsman knows that paracord can be one of the most useful tools. And if you’re not a good prepper or outdoorsman yet, that’s what we’re here for. 

Do you know all of these uses for paracord? 

  1. Shelter. Build a sturdy shelter by using paracord to tie a tarp or blanket to a tree. It’s also great for tying branches together for makeshift walls. 
  2. Fire. A bow drill is always a solid option to start a fire, and the flexible rope from a paracord is a great tool to create the bow for this method. Plus, depending on the materials used in your paracord, it’s likely at least relatively flammable and can give you something extra to burn if you’re running low. 
  3. Raft. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a raft to survive on a body of water, you can use your paracord to tie branches together. Paracord is strong and will keep your raft together as you float. 
  4. Fishing. Grab a stick, some paracord, and a hook, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift fishing pole. You can even fray some paracord to create a fishing lure. 
  5. Tourniquet. In an emergency situation when you or someone with you suffers a traumatic injury, you’ll need a way to stop the bleeding and keep the victim alive. Put some padding underneath the paracord and create a tourniquet near the wound. Here’s a handy tutorial. 
  6. Splint. Tie two branches together to create a splint and keep a victim’s leg from bending after an injury. 
  7. Pulley. Paracord is extremely strong, so you can easily use it to transport large items either by dragging it or by creating a pulley system. This especially comes in handy when building shelter. 
  8. Rucksack. You can easily tie your items together, creating a makeshift rucksack, and carry your things. 
  9. Firewood bundle. No one enjoys carrying firewood back to camp, but you can use paracord to bundle firewood together and transport it much easier. 

Try finding a paracord bracelet that you can wear and always have some for survival situations!

What other uses do you know of for paracord? Have you ever had to use paracord in a survival situation? Tell us about it in our Facebook group.

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