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What survival movies get wrong

What survival movies get wrong

CPR can save someone's life quickly. Look at the clouds and incline your head back to halt a nosebleed. If you see an animal in the wild, it will come after you obstinately and maul you. Survival movies are great to showcase these things but do not always work great in teaching you basic skills.

Survival movies aren't always for education but entertainment only. They offer different escape lessons wrongly that is inapplicable in the real world.

Top 5 examples of survival movies get wrong.

Do you want to know which survival movies get wrong? Here are the top 5 examples of survival movies that get wrong for you to know.

So, here we go:

Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless’s history focuses on the rejection of his upper-middle class background and his urge for adventure. Over time he keeps going out to prove himself again and again. He often takes both emotional and physical risks throughout the time. Although you can admire his passion without forgiving his fatal flaws.

His adventurous nature took him to Alaska’s last American frontier. He paid with his life during this adventure. What he left for the civilized world were only a few pounds of rice and a rifle. Every outdoor enthusiast would be shocked at his lack of proper clothes, food, map, essential accessories, and environmental knowledge. This is something unexpected that you can see in this movie. Every outdoor and adventure enthusiast knows that it’s a must to pack appropriate clothes, food, and other essentials for any such adventure. Otherwise, the condition would be fatal, and they will be unable to survive just like Chris McCandless.


This movie is the story of a small rural town. The town faces a probable cyber-attack and follows a rural prepper, some teens, and a couple as they try to make it in this dark situation. Teens here are typical clueless humans that keep making wrong decisions and provide viewers with ineffective survival lessons.

They begin on the backwoods hike. After coming back to the civilization, they found it has collapsed into ruin. This makes them unable to follow roads and they break into houses. Their first fatal mistake was entering a camp full of bad element signs, and not leaving quickly lead to their demise.

Moreover, the prepper character has also made some silly mistakes. For example,

  • Firstly, he stored all his food cache at the same location. Storing an entire food cache in the same place makes it more prone to theft.
  • Secondly, he kept the cache in his attic.
  • An attic is never a suitable place to store a food cache because it experiences significant temperature swings. This practice can automatically reduce the shelf life of frozen, dried, and even canned food.

Therefore, it would be better to store a food cache for an emergency in the house’s main part. You can also opt for below-ground locations in a cellar.

Moreover, the defensive weapons’ choice of prepper was also bad. You can see him throughout the crisis with a shotgun only. Even though he has been an army person and must be survival-minded, he never chose an appropriate weapon for defense.

The Night Eats the World

This survival movie follows a lone survivor who lived in a post-apocalyptic world. In this movie, people are stuck in their apartments after being infected by a zombie virus. The movie is set in an urban area but boasts different questionable survival odds.

The first wrong lesson the movie came up with was the failure to act immediately when things started to get worse. The main lead didn’t understand their situation and didn’t take a food survey available in their apartments. They take weeks to recognize and see the available things in their building.

The wrong lesson in this film is that the lead character doesn’t have an appropriate plan. Even though the situation was unfavorable to evacuate, they must have included water collection when things were getting difficult. Prepping before situations become dire is RULE #1 for survivalists.

Cast Away

Cast Away's story revolves around a character stuck on a deserted island. A plane crash put him there with very few resources. He overcame his necessities with a few packages’ that washed up on the shore and rich natural materials around him. Despite his successful survival on the island, the main character makes a mistake at the movie's beginning.

When he boarded the flight, he gave his EDC to his fiancé. He was left with a key ring only that contained a knife.

American Blackout by National Geographic

This movie has been produced by National Geographic and contains a powerful and engaging opening. It also has an interesting lead-up to the countrywide blackout.

  • The movie's attack began from the Midwest and east coast, following the Texas grid and west coast. The blackout spread quickly.
  • Until the fuel reserve ran out of the new stations, there was hope in people. Society truly fails when silence becomes defeating.
  • The movie follows various groups, for whom it ends poorly. Most of the characters in this movie aren’t properly prepared or even refuse to understand the situation.

All of them started depending on their phones to communicate, but saturated circuits made it difficult.

The only character that came into action goes red code to save his family. He made wrong decisions, including not training the new group members properly. They started giving food to their hostile neighbors. This is the wrong lesson to learn from a survival movie. The characters in this survival movie fail to plan according to their situations.

Always remember that situational awareness is key to prevention and can save you from difficulties.

Final Thoughts

Movies are a source of entertainment. These are usually inclined to take shortcuts. Therefore, these go to the point quickly. The survival methods you see in movies occasionally occur in real life. Living in a survival condition seems tough more often. However, some survival movies may express that it's not that hard. Those mentioned above are some examples of survival movies that get wrong. You must learn survival techniques from different sources rather than relying on these movies only.

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