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Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter Emergency Car Kit

An emergency can happen at any time. Being prepared for any emergency scenario, especially during winter, is important and life saving. Get prepared by creating a winter car kit.

A winter car emergency kit is a must-have for drivers, including you. At times the severity of winter weather can leave you stranded. However, the availability of a winter car emergency kit in your car can keep you safe and moving. Or, this emergency car kit can at least make your waiting time for assistance more comfortable and safer.

How to prepare a winter emergency car kit yourself?

Here are the essentials that you must keep into it.

So, here we go:

1. Jumper Cables

Battery booster cables are important to keep in your emergency car kit.  You MUST keep jumper cables stashed in your car trunk. Even if you don't need these right now, there will be times down the road you wish you had them. Even if that is just to assist others with a dead battery on the road. 

Jumper cables are effective even if you wind up with a dead car battery or someone else needs your help to jumpstart their car battery during harsh winter weather.

Portable jumper cables are also very easier to utilize and can work well. However, it is imperative to keep these portable jumper cables charged to use them in their hours of need.

2. Small LED flashlights with fresh batteries

A small flashlight with fresh batteries is another important thing to keep in your car emergency kit. Flashlights are critical to change flats. Moreover, these are also important to see under your hood to look for quick fixes. If you are stuck during winter weather, especially when the sun is set, flashlights will be the handiest solution to illuminate your car's interior cabin to do anything. Moreover, in some cases, flashlights can also be used to signal the cars or a tow truck to know about your location easily. Therefore, it is imperative to consider a flashlight as a primary object to keep in your emergency kit.

3. Ice scraper

Every vehicle in the snow belt must contain a brush and an ice scraper. You can easily find a cheap ice scraper in your car emergency kit for winter. However, this ice scraper and brush combination are perfect for removing snow from your vehicle.

4. A portable phone charger

We all understand the importance of phones, especially during winter emergencies. Therefore, ensuring your mobile phone is fully charged is always important. It is truer when you are stuck in a dicey situation on the road. If you have to leave your place in bad weather, leave a text to your family or friends about where you are heading. Moreover, keep a portable phone charger in your emergency car kit. Having a spare cell phone charger will be ideal to use if your phone loses power on the way.

5. Portable shovel

If the roadside sticks your car during winter, a portable shovel will be the handiest tool to clear the space around your tailpipes. This practice helps prevent fumes from entering your car. Foldable shovels are easily available in the market. Getting these can easily help you to boost traction.

6. First Aid kit

We always hope to never get the need to use a first aid kit. However, still, it is wise to have a basic first-aid kit in your winter car emergency kit. Keep your first-aid kit stocked with painkillers, scissors, bandages, disinfectants, and any other emergency supplies you may need during an emergency.

7. A filled gas tank:

Bad weather during winter more often results in slow-going traffic. The lines of stopped vehicles on the road force you to wait for a long. Therefore, it is imperative to have a filled gas tank. This practice will ensure that you don’t need roadside assistance during harsh winter weather due to an empty fuel tank.

8. Emergency flares

Although most people will consider these overkilled, it is always better to have a reflective triangle and flare in hand. These can increase your vehicle’s visibility at night, especially on the road.

9. A simple toolkit

Fortunately, having a simple toolkit in your winter car emergency kit can help you to perform some roadside fixes quickly. Therefore, it is also important to pack some common tools. These common tools usually include pliers, screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, and duct tape.

These simple tools in your winter emergency toolkit can more often help you keep your home safe and sound. Moreover, you can also fix small car problems and save yourself from the cost of a tow.

Some additional stuff that you should also consider having in your car.

Do you want to know some additional things beneficial to keep in your car during winter? Then here we have enlisted some other important items to consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Extra hat and warm clothes
  • Snacks or food with a longer shelf life
  • Sleeping bag
  • Portable air compressor
  • A small safety absorbent
  • Fix a flat
  • Water
  • A spare tire
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Reflective safety vest
  • Emergency whistle
  • Tow rope

Always check the weather forecast before leaving your home!

You certainly don’t hop into your car without knowing where you are going. So, avoid getting on the road before checking the weather forecast, especially during winter. You must know what you are driving your vehicle into. Don't leave your house, especially if there is a snowstorm in the weather forecast. Always know about any next thing that can be hazardous before leaving your place.

Final Thoughts

None of us plans to slide off the road during snowy weather and find ourselves stuck in a snowbank. However, if something like this happens to you during winter, you will be happier that you took some time to prepare your emergency car kit.

To make your winter car kit worthy, it’s important to brush up on the things that you must pack in your car as a winter emergency kit. The tips we have enlisted above can help you develop a great winter emergency kit in the best possible way.

Image by byymee from Pixabay 

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