Battlbox Gift Box

EDC Gift Box


Be prepared for every day challenges with this EDC kit! Not only will you be able to sharpen all your BattlBox knives, but also have a single, convenient storage place for all of them as well. The Lighter bro and EDC tool can serve up to 10 purposes and both easily fit in your pocket, and the adjustable paracord can be used for small or large-sized emergency situations itself. Finally, everyone needs a strong LED flashlight, and with the tactical notebook you can store all these items together and more.

  • Exotac EDC Roll - $19.99
  • Timberline EDC Tool - $6.99
  • Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener - $9.95
  • LighterBro - $13.99
  • CRKT Adjustable Paracord - $7.99
  • BattlBox Flashlight - $9.99
  • Tactical Notebook - $13.99
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