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Be prepared for everyday challenges with this kit! Now, you never have to leave your house without a survival guide. The Tactica M250 is a toolkit in your hands filled with screwdriver bits, Allen Keys, Torx Drivers, Phillips, and Standards. The Speedy sharp is a great EDC for fixing dull blades on the go. Need easy access to a tool or key on your keychain? The BMQR quick release is perfect for quick access to any keychain. Finally, everyone needs a strong LED flashlight, and with the Gator Eyes, you can light up your work area with their hands-free clip system.

  • Tactica M250 - $49.95
  • Gator Eyes Mini LED Lights - $10.00
  • Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener - $9.99
  • Exotac BMQR .380 Magnetic Quick Release Keychain - $16.95
  • Ultimate Survival Tips – Pocket Survival Guide - $10.00

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