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Med-Kit Gift Box


With this med-kit, you will be prepared for any accident or disaster! Inside are a first-aid kit and trauma shears to cover all the basic scrapes and cuts. The Quick Seal Wound Spray is also a great addition to any first-aid kit. If you happen to get a burn, we’ve got you covered with the WaterJel Burn Kit. We also included a tourniquet/shear carrying pouch. And finally, we threw in some organic lip protection (tested by the military) that will withstand the harshest of conditions.

  • WaterJel Burn Kit - $23.99
  • Quick Seal Wound Care Spray - $8.99
  • Jungle First-Aid Kit - $6.99
  • Tourniquet and/or Shear Pouch - $9.99
  • Duke Cannon Tactical Lip Protection (2 pack) - $12.99
  • Trauma Shears - $9.99
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