Battlbox Gift Box

Med-Kit Gift Box



With this med-kit, you will be prepared for any accident or disaster! This Combat Medic Bag is a great med kit with a heavy duty bag that can carry all your medical accessories. The Quick Seal Wound Spray is also a great addition to any first-aid kit. If you happen to get a burn, we’ve got you covered with the WaterJel Burn Kit. The Forj Thermoplastic Repair Ribbon can fix or create a number of things including a cast for sprained or broken body parts. We included some organic lip protection (tested by the military) that will withstand the harshest of conditions. Finally, there are two Potty Pack Sh!t Kits in case of an outdoor emergency. 

  • WaterJel Burn Kit - $23.99
  • Quick Seal Wound Care Spray - $8.99
  • Combat Medic Bag, TCCC Kit, Blood Type Patch Set, Med Tape, Triage Bands - $64.99
  • Forj Thermoplastic Repair Ribbon - $19.99
  • Duke Cannon Tactical Lip Protection (2 pack) - $12.99
  • Potty Packs Sh!t Kits (x2) - $5.00

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