ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Kit

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• Law enforcement trusted, Civilian BATF approved
• Highly effective knockdown power up to 20 feet away at 135 feet per second with reusable bean bag projectiles
• Simple release allows loaded cartridges to be inserted quickly
• Safest and most effective non-lethal device compared to electric shock devices
• Legal to have loaded in 50 states, and requires no license or background check
• Safety and stiff spring mechanism is designed to make operation difficult for a child
• Frame made similar to a 37mm rifle barrel and is 10″ in length and overall length is 18″
• Weighs 1.5 lbs unloaded
• Grip is made from aircraft composites and finished graphite
What's Included:

• one (1) bean bags
• one (1) cartridges
• one (1) Piston Install Tool
• cartridge adapter kit (allows CO2 cylinders to fit properly in cartridges)
• two (2) CO2 cylinders (for practice firing)
• one (1)  4.8 grams nitrogen cylinders
• two (2) pistons
• two (2) caps
• two (2) rings

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