BattlBox Limited Edition Razor Patriot Series Electronic Ear Muffs



Everyone wants ear protection without sacrificing the ability to hear what’s going on around them... and being able to carry on a conversation without screaming at each other would be another bonus. These ultra-compact Razor Patriot Electronic Ear Muffs offer superior hearing protection in a low-profile design. Two hi-gain omnidirectional microphones pick up outside noise and broadcast it through full dynamic range HD speakers for an ultra-clear, balanced sound. Sound-activated compression has a blazing fast 0.002-second reaction time to ensure your hearing is always protected. To add to their awesomeness, we partnered with Walker’s to include BattlBox Branding along with velcro American flag and Punisher patches to the headband.

  • Ultra low-profile earcups
  • Includes two US Flag patches
  • Rubberized Coating
  • Two hi-gain Omni directional microphones
  • Audio input jack
  • Low Noise / Frequency tuned for natural sound clarity
  • Volume Control
  • Compact Folding Design
  • Comfort headband w/ metal wire frame
  • Sound-dampening composite housing
  • Sound-activated compression - 0.02 second reaction time
  • Recessed Volume Control Knob
  • External Battery Door
  • NRR - 23DB
  • Battery - 2 'AAA' Batteries
  • APP Supported - NA


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