Camping Essentials Box



Have your adventure delivered. BattlBox is your go-to monthly subscription service for hand-picked outdoor, survival, EDC, and other cool gear from an expert team of outdoor professionals. 

Like it's namesake, this Camping Essentials Box comes with all of the core products to get you ready for your next camping adventure!

  • Nature's Grill
    This is an Eco-friendly & bio-degradable outdoor grill. In just 5 minutes this all-natural grill made up of charcoal, lava stone, bamboo, and cardboard is ready to cook your favorite meal. It is great for parks, picnics, tailgates, and camping. The
    approximate cook time is around 60 minutes. When you’re done with this portable and lightweight grill, you can bury it, throw it in a campfire, or simply throw it away.
  • Simple Strap - 2mm
    Ratchet Straps can be a pain in the butt if I’m being honest. Ratchet Straps have their place, however, sometimes you need to strap things down or tie things off that ratchet straps simply do not handle well. Simple Strap is amazing. I have used it to tie down lumber, pipes, fence supplies, rebar, ladders, kayaks, camping items, and more. It works when wet, dirty, and in extreme temperatures. No knots are needed. It works by friction. Just cut off what you need and wrap it around itself before strapping it to your item. Then, simply put the tag end under one of its wraps and you’re done. It binds to itself and stays there until you remove it. Reusable and works like a charm.
  • Mosquito Repellent Balm
    This Soothing Balm Stick is designed to soothe and calm the itch from mosquito and flying insect bites. The mosquito is the state bird of Georgia. That being said, when we get in a product to test that deals with these blood suckers, our ears perk up. This stuff works wonders. Absolutely wonderful! All-natural, plant-based, and deet free. No need to worry about what you’re applying to your skin. It is also the perfect size. Toss in a backpack or pocket. No need to carry around a large aggravating spray can.
  • Fire Starter
    This is an incredibly small and compact, yet effective, EDC item for all prepared-minded people such as yourself. This mini Ferro rod and striker is perfect for those who don’t want to carry a larger fire starter on the regular. Minimalistic doesn’t mean ineffective. This little guy is ready to wow you with its performance-filled small package. Easily carry in a pocket, wallet, or add to your keychain. Also features a 120db whistle which will get the attention of others real quick.
  • Bushcraft Spice Wallet
    How many times have you been out in the field and had to eat a bland meal? I have quite a few times. I like to season my food and I’m sure you would as well if you had an assortment of spices at the ready… The L&F Bushcraft Spice Wallet is the PERFECT solution to bland unseasoned food. Inside this leather wallet, you’ll find four corked vials to store your favorite seasonings. Includes a lanyard and belt loop so you can keep the spices handy. Made of genuine leather and brass hardware this Spice Wallet is sure to please the Bushcraft cook for many years to come.
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Reflective 550 Paracord
    Paracord is a very useful item with thousands of applications. Fashion guy lines, cut through zip ties, fire starter, hang food away from critters, make a bow drill, fashion a bow, make traps, make fishing line and lures, building a shelter, or marking trails just to name a few. There’s simply not enough room here to go through all its functions. This paracord is different than most. It’s able to glow-in-the-dark in addition to the reflective strands on the exterior that make it more visible at night. No more tripping over guy lines in the dark!



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