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Camping Gift Box


In this kit, we’ve prepared the ultimate starter kit for your next camping experience. We included two fire starters, one of which can be carried around on a keychain. For your next step, preparing food, we included a pocket stove with fuel cubes, heavy-duty eating and storage utensils, and even a prepped meal if you’re feeling lazy. We tossed in a bonus cushioned seat to protect you from the weathered terrain. And of course, you can never go without a LED flashlight and water hydration system throughout your trip.

  • 2L Hydration Bladder - $12.99
  • Esbit Pocket Stove w/ Fuel Cubes - $10.99
  • Wildo Camp-A-Box Complete Set - $14.99
  • Klymit Cush Seat - $7.99
  • BattlBox Flashlight - $9.99
  • Hot dog Roaster (pack of 5) - $7.99
  • Backpacker’s Pantry (Louisiana Red Beans and Rice) - $4.50
  • Zippo Campfire Starter - $4.99
  • Exotac Polystriker - $13.95
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