Dedfish Co. Cleaver

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This immaculate hand-forged cleaver will let you slice and dice like a pro. Made of 1.4116 Carbon Stainless Steel, this knife provides outstanding performance with its beautifully balanced blade, amazing design, and formidable strength and durability. The handle is made from Pakka-Wood, which evokes the artistry of traditional hand-forged knives. The Dedfish Co. Cleaver comes with a beautiful protective leather sheath, fixed with a stud latch to secure the blade while also allowing it to be attached to a belt, bag, or anywhere you prefer for easy carrying. Due to the process in creating this hand-forged cleaver, it has a high carbon content which creates a very hard blade. Be sure to completely dry after use, and store in a ventilated and dry place. Acidic or alkaline substances should not be allowed to sit on the blade for long periods of time, so you’ll want to clean those off immediately after use. Apply a little cooking oil to the blade to protect the steel from corrosion between each use and during periods of prolonged storage. The Dedfish Co Cleaver is a must-have if you’re a camp chef. If you’re not a camp chef, you dang sure will be now!

Blade Material

  • 1.4116 Carbon Stainless Steel

Blade Length

  • 7"

Overall Length

  • 11.5"

Handle Material

  • Pakka Wood

Sheath Material

  • Leather with stud latch 



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