Eva-Dry E-250 Mini Dehumidifier



I personally use these everywhere, in my safe, ammo storage, long term food storage containers, storage box on my boat, and several of my tool boxes. Pretty much anywhere that I don’t want moisture to create havoc on my gear. Keep an Eva-Dry E-250 Mini Dehumidifier at home or bring it along anywhere you go to ensure a mold and mildew-free environment. This small unit is suited for spaces up to 250 Cubic feet in size and is designed with an indicator window on the front of the unit that allows you to see when the odorless, silica gel crystals have absorbed maximum moisture. Plug into an outlet to dry the crystals for reuse. Child and pet safe, Eva-Dry dehumidifiers help reduce dust mites and others allergens in your home and on the go.



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