Gear Aid Instant Water Repellent



Outside of drinking water can create an awful lot of problems in the field. So how about a quick solution to waterproofing? Simply spray it and other outdoor gear with Revivex Instant Water Repellent to immediately create a protective barrier against water, oil, and stains. Use it on nylon tents, jackets, boots, hats, and backpacks as an easy, multipurpose waterproofing treatment. From outerwear to footwear this air-dry formula comes in a 5 oz spray bottle and is safe to use on a variety of fabric and breathable materials. With Revivex Instant Water Repellent, dryness and outdoor comfort is just a spray away.
  • Durable  Spray-on treatment restores DWR, resists abrasion, and repels water, oil, and stains
  • Maximizes Breathability – Creates a water-resistant layer and allows waterproof-breathable garments to perform at their best
  • Washable  Ideal for outerwear and ski gear, this DWR coating will remain after a wash and can be air-dried or heat set
  • Compatible  Designed for use on technical fabrics including eVent, NeoShell, and GORE-TEX materials; the formula is PFOA and PFOS free
  • Multipurpose – Restore water repellency to DWR treated rainwear, jackets, ski pants, gloves, boots, waders, and nylon tent flies

  • Restore water repellency on GORE-TEX jackets, bibs, ski pants, gloves, drysuits, and waders; add repellency to nylon tent flies, down jackets, and backpacks
  • Long-lasting, the spray-on formula is washable and provides all-season protection from water, oil, and stains; one 10.5 oz can treats 2-4 jackets
  • DWR spray maximizes breathability and enhances the performance of all types of waterproof-breathable fabrics
  • The air-powered sprayer is easy to use and disperses every last drop; the formula is PFOA, PFOS, and silicon-free

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