Kong Kase - Empire Case w/ Pluck 'Em Up Foam



Need to store and protect sensitive gear? What about your favorites in your knife collection? It’s hard to beat the durability and customization of Protective Hard Cases with foam inside. Professionals all of the world have used this combination for firearms and gear to glassware. Why? Because they work. But typically these cases are very expensive and frankly boring. Enter the Kong Kase! Kong Kase has the same durability and function of the expensive brands and adds in a multitude of color combinations at an affordable price. Customize to protect whatever you want by simply removing foam to hold your items snugly.


  • Outer size: 12*10*8 inch  (304*248*203mm)
  • Inner size: 9.25*7.28*7.32 inch (235*185*186mm)
  • Dust and water protection level: IP67
  • Shock resistance: IK08
  • Material: Engineering plastic (PP)


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