Lord & Field Poseidon Professional Filet Knife - 440C Stainless Steel 9" Blade, Cork and Micarta Handle

The offset blade of this knife is designed to aid the user in the cleaning, skinning, and filleting of fish, game or fowl. The shifting of the blade from being directly in line with the user's hand, to just below it, eases the user's ability to manipulate the blade for these slippery and messy tasks. The shifting of the blade downward from the handle, creates a built-in guard, to help prevent accidental slips of the knife., reducing the risk of accidental injury. With an overall blade length of 14.1" and a blade length of 9". This blade can really excel at the tasks at hand. Made with high quality 440C stainless steel, it will last for decades and the addition of a cork handle gives the knife the ability to float should it slip or fall into the water while you are cutting. Includes a nice leather sheath, with a snap on the tail end of the knife to hold it in place.
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