Lord & Field Wool Blanket

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There is nothing like having a quality heavy wool blanket in your preps. At one time, wool blankets were so important to comfort and survival that they were used as a form of currency in trading between trappers and Native Americans. Not only used for sleeping and warmth, a wool blanket can be useful in many survival situations. Use it to make a bushcraft chair, serve as an emergency shelter, use as a backpack, improvise a poncho, use it as ground cover... the list goes on and on. Wool blankets are naturally fire-resistant, naturally have a natural resistance to mold and bacteria, and can keep you warm even when wet. It’s also a great addition to automobile preps in the event of being stranded or assisting a victim going into shock.

Does not include Lord & Field Strap

Made from 70% wool and 30% synthetic
77 inches X 64 inches.  3.8 Lbs.



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