NOSK Nasal Filters


  • ULTRA PROTECTION FROM POLLEN, PARTICULATES & ALLERGENS: This is the best alternative to tablets, nasal sprays, and other anti-allergy medications. Feel safe with NOSK’s nasal filter, we help keep pollution out without the medication side effects such as drowsiness and dry mouth
  • CHOOSE YOUR BEST FIT: You’re unique and so is your nose so we created a product that will fit you, whatever size that maybe we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, our products are lightweight allowing you to forget you’re even wearing it
  • DISCRETE, FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO WEAR: Other facial masks cover your face, are uncomfortable, make you sweat and a number of other uncomfortable things. With the NOSK nasal filter, all of these problems are eliminated with our patent pending breathable foam you’ll be in comfort all day long
  • FDA approved


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