OD Green Cerakote Fisher Space Pen



I don’t care what the conditions are, this pen will perform! The Fisher Space Pen is highly sought after by military and tactical personnel, survival experts, trekkers, hunters, and any outdoor enthusiast that requires their gear to perform in all environments. The Cerakote finish creates a chemical, corrosion, and heat-resistant writing instrument that truly performs in extreme conditions. Olive Drab has been a fan favorite for decades and we’re proud to release this option with Fisher Space Pen on one of their most desirable models. The Cap-O-Matic line utilizes cap activation to extend and retract the point, and each carries a pressurized PR-style ink refill cartridge, which means they offer all the unique capabilities that are synonymous with Fisher products: they’ll write upside down—at any angle, underwater, through grease, in extreme temperatures, and of course in the gravity-free vacuum of space. Fisher’s pens are lifetime guaranteed for quality against all manufacturing defects.


Style: Cap Activation      
Composition: Brass
Finish: O.D. Green Cerakote
Length: Open 5.27"; Closed 5.13"
Width: .38"
Weight: .7 oz
Cartridge: Fisher Pressurized PR4, Black Ink, Medium Point


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