Outdoor Element Fire Escape Multitool Carabiner

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I promise ya, this thing is SLICK! Many of us use carabiners on a daily basis, from simply keeping keys handy on a belt loop, to the organization in a pack. This one is not only a carabiner but a literal multitool. It's made from super-strong stainless steel and is a must-carry for anyone from a playground parent to a first-responder, for anyone who travels in a vehicle, or spends time outdoors... pretty much everyone!

  • First-responder inspired

  • EverSpark wheel for easy fire starting

  • Replenishable Ferro rods to keep on sparking

  • Cutter easily slices through a seat belt, cord, rope, etc.

  • Tungsten carbide-tipped window breaker

  • O2 wrench and hex wrench double as hang slots

  • Bottle opener for some pop, fizz happiness

  • Lightweight, only 1.6 ounces

  • Stainless steel body for added strength and durability,

  •  corrosion-resistant, rated for 125 lbs.

  • Stainless steel wire gate



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