POD Fusion Solar Power Bank



I absolutely love this Solar Power Bank. It has lived on my hunting pack all season and has performed flawlessly.
I’ve used it to recharge my headlamps, GoPro batteries, phone, electronic ear protection, and more. By using the carabiner to strap to my pack it continuously charges by solar so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in much at all. Also works great to power the USB-driven lights that I like to use while camping or at home during a power outage. Not to mention it even has its own light for when all else fails.

The Solar Fusion by POD is uniquely constructed with an integrated Li-polymer 8000mAh battery and protective rubber finish for a higher energy density and longer battery life. Its dual USB ports have a 5-volt 2.1 output to easily charge your mobile phones, and tablets or power your USB-driven light sources.

To recharge, simply use any USB power adapter or emergency charging by solar power with the built-in monocrystalline solar panel. The Solar Fusion by POD power bank comes with a carabiner keyring that you can clip to your bag and has a built-in LED panel with 3 modes: high, mid, and SOS. Ideal for EDC, camping, hiking, walking, riding, etc.


  • Constructed with a Li-polymer 8000mAh battery
  • Protective rubber finish for higher energy and longer battery life
  • Dual USB ports 
  • LED panel with 3 modes: high, mid, and strobe 


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