Puribag with P&G Water Filter Packets




  • Collect — Treat — Store All-in-one solution — Closed multi-treatment solution with the P&G purifier and charcoal filter. Kit includes; Puribag, 12 P&G packets, draining clip, and sealing rod.
  • Highly Effective — Treats sediment, arsenic, bacteria, lead, viruses, humic acid, protozoan, cysts, and DDT Easy Transport & High Capacity — Unit only weighs 6oz empty and can carry 10L of water
  • Purification Time — 30 Minutes Shelf life — P&G packets can be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture. Current expiration for P&G packets: August 2024
  • For Disaster Relief — Designed specifically for immediate response to disasters so clean and safe water can be provided for the displaced families and communities


  • Saves Time: Fewer trips to the clinic with safe water means less money spent
  • Saves Space: In post-disaster times or the displacement of families, there isn’t space to carry clean water.
  • Saves Lives: Every family can source any water they can find and know their family has clean and safe water to survive the hardship they are experiencing



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