RaptoRazor MANO Knife



The MANO is an ideal knife for high-precision field-dressing tasks such as removing backstraps, tenderloins, and quartering out the animal. Extremely versatile with its interchangeable blades and ability to convert from knife to saw in seconds, with 7 knife blade variations and 3 saw variations, this knife can handle any situation. The T-grip handle offers complete control even in the most extreme conditions. Cold weather, bloody hands, or wearing gloves; you will not lose your grip. With your index finger extended over the 1.5-inch blade, the MANO blade feels like an extension of your finger so that you always know where the blade tip is. The easy-grip T-handle design keeps your hand and wrist in an anatomically comfortable position to help eliminate hand and wrist fatigue and houses the Phillips head screwdriver to change out blades. This bundle comes with 3 MANO blades, one 5-inch blade, and one 7-inch coarse tooth saw blade.



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