Speed Cinch Timber Cinch 2 Pack with Rope



The Timber CINCH is a multi-use device that helps anchor some of your biggest projects. Easily raise your gear to your tree stand with Timber CINCH. This device is great for securing trail cams, bows, clothing lines, rattling horns below your stand and more! The best part about Timber more knots! With Timber Cinch enjoy the "feed it, CINCH it, lock it" design. Made of impact resistant nylon, Timber Cinch is virtually indestructible and UV protected to deliver years of reliable use. Timber Cinch screws into trees or lumber and secures up to 150 lbs. These devices are built strong and made in the USA. Timber Cinch comes in a convenient black 2 pack with (2) 10 foot cords. The innovative technology of Speed Cinch brings you into a world where knot tying is a thing of the past. Speed Cinch tie-downs revolutionize outdoor tasks.

Suggested Uses:

Use the Speed Cinch UTILITY on:

- Cargo Management.

- Flag Poles.

- Marine Rigging Systems.

- Shades.

- Awnings..

- Camping Ridgelines.

- Clotheslines.

- Hunting Blinds.

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