SEAL Desalination Filter - Grape Flavor



Designed for use in both salt water and fresh water, the single-use Seal filter is ready for any water. Just place in water, salt or fresh, and let hydrate. Each package contains a net for use in open water … place the individual Seal pouches in the net, then tether to your life raft or other structure. When hydrated, poke with included straw and drink.

In salt water, the Seal generates approximately 230 ml of drink, while in fresh water sources the total volume is about 450 ml. In salt water, the filter generates a survival drink that is approximately 22% sugar. In fresh water, the drink is closer to 10% sugar. It is best to consumer this drink within 24 hours of opening the pouch, the pouch cannot be re-used. Do not use in antifreeze or industrial waste waters. Only use in natural waters.

Watch the video breakdown here.


  • Fill time is about 6-8hrs in Salt Water
  • Warmer water means faster fill time
  • Each pouch makes about 0.25 L in Salt Water; about 0.45 L in Fresh Water
  • Net Weight: 59 g
  • Nominal Pore Size: 0.0007 micron

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