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9 Hunting Accessories To Attract Bucks

9 Hunting Accessories To Attract Bucks

Hunting bucks can be a challenge, even for seasoned hunters. A key factor to success is using the right accessories to attract these elusive creatures. In this article, we will explore 9 hunting tools from decoys to scents and more that can significantly increase your chances of attracting bucks.

Read on and discover how you can make your next hunt unforgettable!

Types of Hunting Accessories

When attracting bucks, several hunting accessories can enhance your chances of a successful hunt.


Decoys are essential in the hunter's arsenal, effectively attracting game such as bucks. These hunting accessories are designed to mimic specific species and divert their attention away from you, providing a crucial advantage during the hunt.

Different decoys cater to other wildlife behavior; for instance, waterfowl hunting often employs duck or goose replicas to lure in flocks. Selecting a combination of buck and doe decoys can trigger the protective instincts of mature deer, drawing them in closer for an effective strike.

Some hunters find success using multiple types - like a buck, doe, and fawn trio - adding authenticity to the setup. 

Essential considerations when employing these distraction techniques include adjusting for wind direction, picking suitable shooting lanes for decoy placement, and positioning appropriately based on observed traffic patterns among deer herds.


In deer hunting, scents and lures play a crucial role. These tricks of the trade cleverly fool bucks into thinking another deer is nearby. With an acute sense of smell, deer can be led to your location by using the right scent.

Scent wicks and scent drags are popular mechanisms for effectively dispersing these attractants.

Deer hunters have a wide array of options for synthetic deer scents on the market. The choice ranges from doe estrus scents, ideal during rutting season, to buck urine that entices territorial males year-round.

Always remember that artificial scents are perfectly legal unless they're designed for consumption by deer. So armed with the right lures delivered via handy dispensers or hanging wicks you'll boost your chances significantly during hunting ventures!

Rattling Antlers

Rattling antlers is an adrenaline-inducing deer hunting method that has proven effective in attracting bucks. Whether you use real antlers obtained from bucks or muley sheds, rattling can bring fight-ready bucks into bow range.

Novice hunters can use commercial calls to mimic the sounds of lovesick bucks and increase their chances of success. Areas with high deer numbers and balanced buck-to-doe ratios are particularly favorable for rattling.

A three-year study conducted by deer scientist Mickey Hellickson found significant findings on whitetail behavior and antler rattling, further supporting the effectiveness of this technique according to experienced hunters.

Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are a crucial tool for hunters looking to attract bucks. These wildlife cameras, also known as game or hunting, help you locate and monitor these elusive creatures.

You can gather valuable information about their movements and behavior by setting up trail cameras in areas where bucks mark their territory with scrapes. These cameras are also helpful in conducting herd surveys, monitoring antler drops, and taking inventory of target bucks.

With the data provided by trail cameras, you can develop effective hunting strategies and increase your chances of success throughout the hunting season.

Tree Stands

Elevated tree stands are an essential hunting accessory that can give you a strategic advantage. You can improve your chances of staying concealed and undetected by placing yourself above the deer's line of sight.

Some unconventional tree stands set low to the ground offer even better concealment than traditional 20-footers. If you prefer mobility, climbing tree stands and hang-on tree stands are great options.

They allow you to move around quickly, keeping the deer guessing and increasing your chances of success. For more stability and comfort, ladder stands and box blinds are also available in various designs.

Today's modern materials make these stands lightweight yet durable.

Safety is paramount when using any type of treestand. Using a safety harness every time you hunt above the ground is recommended, regardless of the type of stand utilized. This will ensure you stay secure and prevent accidents while enjoying your hunting experience.


Elevated hunting blinds provide improved visibility and help reduce the chances of being detected by deer. With blind accessories, you can customize your hunting blind to meet your specific needs.

If you prefer ground-level hunting, pop-up ground blinds offer a concealed space for game animals like turkeys and pronghorns. Elevated blinds from Shadow Hunter Blinds are recommended for hunters looking for stealth and comfort.

Whether you choose tree stands or ground blinds, they are essential for new adult hunters. And if you're hunting in Illinois, remember to check out the comprehensive guide provided by the Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping, which includes blind information.

Scent-Free Clothing

Wearing scent-free clothing is a crucial part of staying undetected while hunting bucks. Moisture-wicking base layers made with microbial fabric technologies help absorb sweat and prevent odor buildup.

Odor-neutralizing materials, like merino wool, can further reduce scents while you're on the move. It's essential to store and wash your hunting clothes properly to maintain their scent-free properties.

With products specifically designed for deer hunters, you can implement effective scent control strategies during your hunts.


Binoculars are an essential hunting accessory that lets you get a clear and magnified view of your surroundings. They are handy for spotting wildlife from a distance and identifying specific species.

When choosing binoculars, looking for ones that offer a crystal-clear image and don't fog easily is essential. Consider the power of magnification, with 8x or 10x recommended for whitetail hunters.

Premium binoculars can help you locate game, assess their size and age, and make better decisions on which animals to pursue. Remember, the best binoculars for hunting elk or mule deer may not necessarily be the most powerful.

GPS Devices

GPS devices are essential hunting tools that can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. These navigation devices use satellite positioning systems to help you precisely track and locate your targets.

Whether you're exploring the wilderness or trying to find your way back to a specific spot in the Big Woods, GPS devices can mark essential locations and guide you on your hunting adventures.

Not only do GPS devices come in handy for marking vehicles or starting points, but they also offer wildlife tracking technology. Some models even have GPS tracking collars that allow you to keep tabs on the movements of deer and other game animals.

Although these collars can be expensive and require effort to attach, they provide invaluable data for studying animal behavior and planning future hunts.

In addition to their role as navigation tools, GPS devices are considered special equipment used in fishing, hunting, and other wildlife-related activities. They are often included in gear lists provided by experts who recommend using digital mapping tools like onX for a seamless outdoor experience.

Selecting the Best Shotgun Load for Buck Hunting

Once you’ve selected your buck-attracting accessory, you need to worry about how to take your shot. The quest for the best shotgun load for hunting is a crucial aspect of preparing for the hunt. 

The ammunition you choose can be the pivotal factor in the pursuit of bucks, influencing both your range and the stopping power of each shot. Let's delve into the optimal types of shotgun shells that can enhance your hunting experience and elevate your chances of a triumphant outing.

Understanding Shotgun Ammo Varieties for Bucks

In buck hunting, three primary types of shotgun ammunition are prevalent: buckshot, birdshot, and slugs. Each type has distinct advantages depending on the hunting situation and the game's size.

Buckshot is characterized by larger pellets that deliver significant impact, making it an excellent choice for close-range encounters where a potent and quick stop is necessary. 

This type of ammo is designed to take down giant games such as Bucks due to its concentrated power and the wide spread of the shot, increasing the likelihood of hitting the target.

With its smaller and more numerous pellets, Birdshot is tailored for smaller game and bird hunting. The spread of birdshots ensures a greater chance of striking a fast-moving target but at the cost of penetration and range.

Slugs represent a different approach; these are single, large projectiles that can be fired from a shotgun, akin to a traditional bullet. They offer the advantage of precision and are effective at longer ranges compared to buckshot. 

Slugs are the go-to option when a precise and powerful long-distance shot is required to bring down big game.

When targeting deer specifically, hunters often opt for either buckshot or slugs, especially when using 12-gauge shotguns, which balance power and manageability. The best 12-gauge ammo for deer hunting typically involves a choice between these two types of loads, depending on the hunter's preference and the environment of the hunt.


When it comes to attracting bucks during hunting, having the right accessories can make all the difference. From decoys and scents to calls and trail cameras, plenty of tools are available to help you lure in that big buck.

So gear up with the right equipment, stock up on dominant buck scents, and prepare for a successful hunting season. Happy hunting!

Written by Scott Griffith with ProArmory

Image by 627389 from Pixabay

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