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Brandon Currin

Mission 105 Brief

Mission 105 Brief

What’s up BattlBoxer? Are you feeling the cooler weather yet? I hope you are and I hope it is enticing you to get outdoors and work on those Survival and Adventure skills! This month, we have several items to add to your preps and adventures as always. From fire starting to a tool that has seen more time in the jungle than most of the US Government officials have been in office combined... What I’m trying to say is this tool has seen a LOT OF YEARS IN THE JUNGLE! This Mission is ready to be put to use. So flip the page there my friend and let’s breakdown this here Mission 105 of BattlBox!


Basic Box

Outdoor Element Fire Flute

What’s not to love about Outdoor Element?They make amazing products that are pretty dang amazing multitools in addition to great fire starters. What does a loud emergency whistle, tinder storage, and a beefy fire-starting ferro rod have in common? The Fire Flute. Be safe, be heard, be found and get that fire going!The custom aluminum body has a loud 120 dB whistle on one end, a water-tight tinder storage compartment in the middle, and a replaceable ferrocerium rod at the other end. In between the clip and the body is a hardened striker plate to throw large sparks to get your campfire or stove going.

Delta Emergency Water Filter

Water intake is essential for life. And we all know, water can make you very sick and could ultimately kill you if it’s not properly filtered and purified.You can use a shemage or bandana to filter out turbidity and then boil water to purify it... but boiling water isn’t always an option.The DELTA Emergency Water Filter is a very effective option to add to your preps.

It works great and even removes the nasty pond water taste many products don’t. The DELTA Emergency Water Filter is compact, lightweight, and ready to get that water drinkable when other methods just won’t do. Check out my Vidja on YouTube testing this dude out!


Absorbits Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch

Water can quickly destroy electronic devices. And if you haven’t done
it, I’m sure you’ve seen someone else do it... you know, putting your electronic device in rice to dry it out! Rice can’t wick moisture.The AbsorbitsTM Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch is the only product on the market that will reliably rescue electronic devices after they get wet. No battery or electricity needed. After use, simply place pouch in the sun, dry it with a hair dryer, or dry it with the clothes dryer on the lowest heat setting.The padded pouch provides extra protection and can also be used as a handy storage solution during outdoor adventures.


Johnny Slicks Beast Bar

 This premium Johnny Slicks Beast Bar is a bonus to our loyal Subscribers. John Roman, our CEO, is a good friend of one of the owners: Nick Koumalatsos. We were honored that Johnny Slicks approached us with the idea to add one of their amazing products in this mission.These guys enjoy the outdoors and they’re also Veterans of our great country and they wanted to send you all a Beast Bar... Free of charge! A natural Body Wash Bar Soap that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives and is made right here in the USA in the state of North Carolina.

Advanced Box

Rightline Gear Single Cargo Storage Bag

I’ve done it. Putting luggage, gear, etc. in trash bags to protect it from the weather while it’s traveling in the back of my truck or when using those trailer hitch racks. It’s always been a bit of a chore planning it all out and figuring out how to best stack the stuff so the plastic does not tear during the trip. Not anymore with this cargo bag from Rightline Gear! Coming in at 30” wide, 20” deep, and 55” high, this rascal was purpose built to keep your gear weather tight and dirt and dust free during your travels.Toss in the bed of the truck, on a hitch rack, or even on a roof rack and you are good to go!

Figure 9 Carabiner Rope Tightener

This Figure 9 carabiner rope tightener is friggn’ awesome and can handle some tension for sure. Need to strap down a load in your truck or tie up a tarp? Maybe you need to get that ridgeline “Banjo” tight. Well, this rascal right here can get the job done for sure with absolutely no knots needed. Fits rope sizes 1/8” (3mm) to 3/8” (9mm) Maximum Gate Width: 3/4” (19mm) Load limit: 150lbs. (67.5kg)


Pro Box

Wiley X Voucher: $100 Value

Mathew M. and Ross R. said they would really like to see Wiley X sunglasses or eye protection glasses in a BattlBox.That’s a great idea... but which one should we choose? Wiley X has so many great products and so many of us like different styles and fits. Well how about this... we have a one time use WILEY X VOUCHER WORTH $100 so that you can select whatever pair you like! It’s like real money (don’t lose it–it’s not replaceable)!There are several models available for $100 or less or you can use your voucher toward a higher price pair if you prefer. Just pick what you want and Wiley X will shoot it to ya. So, when you’re done with this breakdown, just grab that voucher and follow the directions to go shopping. Me? I’m going to wait til Black Friday to use mine!YEEHAW!


Pro Plus Box

Condor El Salvador Machete

CondorTool & Knife company has a long history of producing first quality tools for the outdoors. Their production facility in El Salvador turns out a plethora of knives and of course the machete you have in front of you today.The people of El Salvador and of the rest of Central and South America use Machetes such as this on a daily basis. It is literally the go-to-tool for many reasons. A machete can do numerous tasks from clearing to even fine processing of materials. If you know anything about Condor at all I’m sure you have heard of Joe Flowers. Joe is behind many of the designs at Condor and spends a lot of time in the jungle testing blades and teaching others how to use them properly. He is an amazing guy with a huge collection of machetes. I mean HUGE! So when he approached us with this machete, we of course took note as he is the master at wielding these tools.This machete is 18” long and constructed of 1075 High Carbon Steel with a convex grind which gives it flexible characteristics as well as great edge retention. The handle is made of walnut and it comes with a very nice handcrafted welted leather sheath. Watch those lower legs swinging this thing. OK?

  • Blade Length: 18”

  • Overall Length: 23”

  • Blade Material: 1075 High Carbon Steel

  • Finish: Epoxy Black Powder Coating

  • Handle: Walnut

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