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Daniel Gazaway

EDC: Everything You Need to Know


What are the items you carry every single day, no matter where you go? If you just say your phone and your wallet, you’re at least on the right track… But you have much to learn about EDC.

Your EDC items should be well thought-out and practical; the essential things that you would be doomed without. But how do you know what those items are?

If you’re still trying to decide what to keep on you at all times, check out these tips for EDC:

The basics

Phone. Keep your phone on you wherever you go. If you’re worried about it distracting you from a solid hike or camping trip, you can always turn it off. But in the case of an emergency, your phone is one of the simplest things that could save your life.

Wallet. A solid wallet is more than just a wallet. You want something that can carry the items you need for everyday stuff (cash, cards, etc.), but also the items that could save your life (like an Escape Card). Plus, you want it to look badass… like this Rebranded Customs CG1 RFID Blocking Aluminum American Flag wallet.

Watch. Get a watch that speaks to your personality, but make sure it’s functional and has some features that could keep you safe. This one by Rockwell can stand up to pretty much anything, and has some cool features to give you everything you need right on your wrist.


Blade. Now for the fun stuff. We’re firm believers in that you can never have too many knives. But find the one that you can carry with you everywhere: something that’s compact but powerful, sleek but sturdy. We have too many recommendations to name, but if you join the Pro Plus subscribers, you’ll be part of the Knife of the Month club, meaning you get one of our curated knives every single month. Top that!

Utility tool. You have some good options here as well, but make sure you have something that’s versatile and has tools you’ll actually use. This Swiss + Tech Utili-Key securely attaches right onto your keys, so you can always have it on you.


Belt tool. This one’s too cool to pass up. Keep a self-defense tool right on your belt for easy access. When it’s this simple, you don’t even have to go out of your way to remind yourself to carry it. Make it part of your everyday wardrobe and you’ll always be ready for anything.

Spray. It’s always a good idea to have self-defense spray on you, and this one from Sabre will do the trick. Plus, it’s compact enough that you can keep it with you at all times.

BattlTac Kubotan. This thing will help you feel safe no matter where you are. With a pocket clip, you can have it on you and ready to go when you really need it.

There you have it, folks: everything you need to consider when putting together your EDC. Have any additional items to add to the list? Any tips for everyone's EDC? Head to our Facebook page and drop some knowledge.

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