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Brandon Currin

Mission 100 Brief

Mission 100 Brief

You have in front of you Mission 100 of BattlBox! That’s a BIG DEAL! Since 2015, BattlBox has set out to be the best Monthly Subscription Box for Survival and Outdoor Adventure Gear. To be quite honest, we can say we have met that goal. BattlBox was the first to do it and every other subscription box that has popped up since has just been trying to keep up. We’ve been able to adjust, pivot, learn, and grow along the way with our amazing team and we have an awesome community that we call family. We mean that sincerely.The BattlBox community is really the glue that holds BattlBox together. Nothing excites us more than seeing you all get involved with the brand. All that said, we at BattlBox want to say thank you.

Now, this is our biggest event since our Netflix show, Southern Survival, and we want to do something special for our amazing members and long-time customers. 500 Boxes will have something extra in them from some awesome brands that have stepped up to celebrate Mission 100 with us. Some of the awesome brands throwing in extras are MODL, Outdoor Element, MTN Ops, Subtle Patriot, BONE-DRI, and many more! We are putting around $35,000 worth of gear in these special 500 boxes.

More importantly, Five boxes are going to have Golden Tickets! We’re Talking REAL Willy Wonka style Golden Tickets folks! The Five Golden Ticket recipients will be flown to an undisclosed location, hang out with us for a bit, then get in a tank and shoot it at a target. Hit that target?You can win up to $100,000! THAT’S RIGHT 100K! If you miss the target? Don’t fret, you’ll still be getting 12 months of Pro Plus on us! After we get done with that, we are going to get some wonderful Grub and Drinks! We will all break bread and hangout for the rest of the night. We will also have a bunch of our amazing partners with us to celebrate. It’s gonna be an awesome time! So if your box has a Golden Ticket inside, follow the instructions on the ticket to claim your spot!

Basic Box

Borvo Broth Variety Pack

 So, Borvo Broth sent me this to try many months ago andI will tell you this: I have absolutely fallen in love with this stuff. It is amazingly good and is packed full of nutrition. A super compact, quick and delicious way to refuel.This is a variety pack so you will get 3 Beef & Vegetable and 3 Classic Chicken. Get your taste buds ready! Just add the broth to 8 ounces of hot water... but not while you’re actively boiling or it will overflow. Ask me how I know this. After giving a good stir, it is ready to consume. So delicious!


PHOOZY XP3 Large Thermal Capsule

 I’m constantly out in the elements and my phone takes a heck of a beating. If it isn’t overheating from the sun, it’s problems with water, sand, or dirt.The PHOOZY XP3 series can handle all those things with a little flare.The patented ChromiumThermal Barrier reflects more than 90% of the sun’s heat away from your device and also insulates from the cold to extend battery life up to 4X! An antimicrobial lining stops microbes in their tracks to keep your device more hygienically clean.The PHOOZY also provides protection from drops of up to 8 feet. Oh, and SinkProof technology means you don’t have to worry about losing your device to the bottom of the ocean or lake again! It’sTHE life jacket for your phone. You will receive one of 5 colors. Black, Blue, Green, Silver, and Mako.


Battarix Power Card

 This little dude is so cool! It’s the world’s smallest and most technologically advanced power supply for mobile devices. Yes, a power bank that you can add to your EDC for that oh crap moment! Like seriously add to your EDC. I mean put it in your wallet like a credit/debit card. That is nuts! It’s a pre- charged 1600 mAh battery with an 8 year shelf life. It has built-in charging cables (USB C + Lightning adapters) and only weighs 27 grams!This is a use it up and it’s done item. So, only use it in those sure nuff emergency, no other way, situations. And that’s what makes this thing cool to me. It’s there if you need it... Like really need it!


Squatch Rope

 Arguably there’s nothing more important when you’re in the wild than being able to start a fire whenever and wherever you need to–under any circumstances. Hemp style fire starters like this Squatch Rope are one of my favorites because I can section this rope into multiple pieces for multiple kits. Hand-crafted, eco-friendly, all-natural, fully-dried hemp material that is waterproof and windproof and, at just 6 inches long, is convenient in size and weight! Because when it comes to your backpack, bug out bag, hunting gear, survivalist, roadside or emergency kit, every ounce counts!


Advanced Box

Ruck & River Trekking Poles

 I’m sure many of you have seen me using a set of trekking poles in several of my Vidjas. Mostly using them to help hold up a shelter system... which, by the way, they work great for that! I’ve secretly been testing out different trekking poles to figure out which features I wanted for all-around use and affordability. This Ruck & River combo is solid, versatile, comfortable and has the features I liked at a great value. Made from aluminum, when collapsed they measure about 24.5 inches and can fully extend to about 54 inches. Great for people who are 5 feet to over 6 feet tall.The cork handles held up better and kept sweating from the hands to a minimum vs foam rubber.The clasps for the expandable shafts have metal pins with a metal adjustment knob and you can fine tune the amount of tension you need before sending the lever lock clasp home.The Ruck & River Trekking Poles work great and you can get pretty aggressive with these compared to others I tested. Also included is a set of rubber tips to cover the carbide tip and a set of Snow and Mud Baskets.


Pro Box

Klymit Versa Blanket

 This is a perfectly versatile camp and travel blanket. Well, it has the name VERSA for a reason! This blanket is perfect for those warmer situations where you don’t want to wake up in a pool of sweat from napping or a night of sleeping. It also works quite well in cooler conditions. Oh, and check this! It can be stored in its own foot box to transform into a very comfortable pillow. Made with 20D soft touch polyester and Kylmalite Synthetic fiber fill. It weighs in at only 23oz. As a 80”x 58” blanket, the VERSA can wrap around one person or be shared with a friend. Corner pockets, snaps, cinch cord and a foot box create an excellent solution for a warm weather sleep system.You will receive one of these color options: Blue/Green; Blue/Grey; Blue/Orange; Black/Green.


Pro Plus Box

M3 Tactical | M100 CURRIN1776 Custom

 This has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to finally be able to release this custom knife from M3Tactical. I have been very impressed with the build quality and designs by M3Tactical since the first time I was introduced to the brand. So throughout the year, Kevin Moore and I have been putting our thoughts together to design a knife that is specifically for Mission 100.Thus the M100 CURRIN1776 Custom was born.This knife has all the looks, quality, and features that I want in a fixed blade. Just the perfect size at 9.5 inches long overall with a 4.375 inch blade and perfectly balanced at 8.5 ounces. FullTang with 1095 carbon steel, large pommel with lanyard hole, and Black G10 scales to finish it off. 100% made in the USA with USA sourced materials.

I am proud to have my name on this knife and of course proud to have been able to collaborate with Kevin and M3Tactical to get this into production.The knife comes with a quality kydex sheath without a clip. Why without a clip? Well to be honest, I cannot stand most of the clips used these days on kydex sheaths. I wanted to give you the opportunity to use what you like as I feel most of us change up the clips or lash these types of sheaths to our gear. So there are ample holes provided in this sheath for you to do with it how you want or even use clips from other sheaths in the past. Little tidbit here... I am working on a clip design myself that hopefully will be released soon. Just might be with M3 in the future if you catch my drift! So there you go folks, a high- quality USA made and sourced fixed blade to commemorate 100 months of BattlBox! I hope you enjoy this blade and put it to work as it is designed to do just that.Thank you Kevin for working with us and I love what came of it!

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