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Brandon Currin

Mission 99 Brief

Mission 99 Brief

What’s up BattlBox Family? Mission 99 is here and I am super excited to share with you all the final double digit BattlBox. Wow is the only word that comes to mind at the moment. But I got to keep typing right? So here it goes... This month is very well rounded to add to your preps. From bushcraft to organization, security, medical, and of course, cutting power; the contents of this box are ready to be put to work... Hopefully one never will but I’ll let you turn the page to find out that one. Was that the most incredible run on sentence ever? Well, Maybe so. But I’m excited to get on with it so lets get on with the Breakdown of Mission 99!

Basic Box

Battlbox Camping Tripod

So this item here is frigg’n COOL! Cooking over a campfire really brings the time in the outdoors full circle. Using a makeshift tripod over the heat source is a method that has been used for centuries. The BattlBox CampingTripod provides a quick and easy way to fashion a tripod with no cordage needed. Just find 3 straight, preferably “green” sticks, and insert into the provided holes of the hub and place your tripod over the heat source. You can then use the provided chain and hook to hang pots and containers from the hub. Easily adjust the chain up and down by inserting the straight “pin” at the end of the chain through a link above the hub, locking the length desired in place.



Roaring Fire Ember Pouch

This Roaring Fire Ember Pouch is an excellent way to consolidate and organize your EDC gear, fire starting gear, personal electronics, tactical gear, etc. It’s made of the highest quality 1000D Nylon fabric, high tensile strength webbings and binding tapes, and durable RC-Class YKK zippers. There’s a pocket on the outside for small items and four webbing straps that allow you to load more gear and attach to your MOLLE system. The interior of the Pouch has a High Contrast Yellow low drag fabric that allows for easy identification of your items. It also features an easy access front slip pocket, 18 elastic webbing slots, 3 flat pockets, and a removable double hook key chain tether. This Roaring Fire Ember Pouch gives you a lot of storage while keeping a flat profile when fully loaded.



BleedStop 20G

I’m sure we would all agree a capillary bleed is BAD! Accidents happen and having the proper gear in your first aid kit is a must. Most of us are by no means medical professionals. However, if we can have the products and knowledge needed to assist in getting ourselves or others to proper medical care, that’s a win-win for everyone. This FDA-approved, package of wound-safe clotting granules from BleedStop (by way of MyMedic) is a life-saving advancement for stopping any capillary bleed. This product is uniquely designed to be absorbable, wound-safe, and clots quickly and effectively. 100% Made in the USA!



NITE IZE Loopable 2-Pack Twist Tie - 24 Inch

There seems to always be a time where we need to tie something up or back, bunch things together, hang things up, etc. Closing out the basic box we have this 2-pack of Loopable Twist Ties from NITE IZE. These things are so incredibly handy and versatile. They are reusable and very durable. These are a little different from the normal NITE IZE twist ties due to the reinforced loop on the end. Simply pass the other end through and you can cinch items down with great force. Great for tying up blankets, bedrolls, inflatable mattresses, etc. Use it to organize your ropes and cables and use them to strap gear to bicycles, ATV’s, vehicles, and more. Heck, they can even be used to set up a tarp for a shelter system. The uses are only limited by your imagination.



Advanced Box

TACTICA K100 Pocket Knife

Now this is a really cool EDC blade to add to your EDC loadouts. Especially awesome for the Advanced level, we have the K100 folder from TACTICA who is well-known for their innovative designs and this is no slouch in that department. This is their take on the classic all-rounder liner lock. Designed to stand the test of time with its solid D2 reverse-tanto blade and durable G10 scales, it’ll be by your side for years to come. Ball bearing pivots and ambidextrous thumb studs deliver a smooth open and more carry options with an integrated lanyard hole. Whether you’re looking for your next everyday carry blade or just getting ready to hit the trail, the K100 is built to fit into your kit. This blade is so effortless to open. It’s sleek and smooth and can quickly become one of those fidget with all day EDC’s. 



Pro Box

Bushnell CelluCORE™ Cellular Trial Camera

Trail cameras that are cellular service compatible are so much fun and can be a very useful tool for security. The CelluCORE Cellular Trail Cameras are feature-rich and easy-to-use. They connect, receive, and sort high-quality images faster, and hold up with rugged reliability day after day. You’ll get clear day and night photos sent right to your devices, plus long battery life, and simple setup. With CelluCORE, you’ve got everything you want in a cellular trail camera. These are obviously great for hunting applications, but they’re also highly useful for security. Use these to keep tabs on your driveway, front porch, the shed out behind the house, the property line trespassers like to cross, or an access to your camp for example. You’ll get an immediate notification when the camera is triggered and be able to monitor right away. These can also be used without cell service being added. Also Included is a 32 GB SD Card.



Pro Plus Box

Survival Edge Garab

Now this knife means business and its design is rooted deep in the Filipino knife fighting arts. Survival Edge Tactical was founded in 2006 by former full-time PoliceTrainer and SWAT Operator, Jared Wihongi, in response to requests for his training services by a local Army Special Forces unit. Since then, the company has grown to encompass multiple facets of tactical training, consulting, and professional services. Jared travels the world training individuals and armed forces in edged weapons and hand to hand combat skills. Jared garnered his knife fighting skills when he lived in the Philippines for several years. His Filipino knife fighting skills, combined with his Mauri heritage are both reflected in this Survival Edge Knife.This knife features a 5” D2 Blade and comes in at 10” Overall Length.The handle is made of Durable Pakkawood with Stainless Steel Bolster kept in place by beautiful Mosaic Pins. A lanyard hole is provided for use with your favorite lanyard style and it finishes off with the included Injection Molded Sheath with Metal Clip.

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