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Surviving an EMP Attack

Surviving an EMP Attack

EMP is called an Electromagnetic pulse, which is electromagnetic energy’s strong burst. An EMP attack can make all electronic devices stop functioning quickly. There can be four potential EMP sources, including:

  • A nuclear blast
  • The sun
  • Lightning
  • Weaponized EMP

Even though surviving an EMP caused by lightning and nuclear blast is a little different, the general process will stay the same regardless of the EMP. Always remember that preparing before time is the best thing you can do to survive an EMP. You should stockpile your emergency supplies and prepare a survival plan before time.

Quick effects of an EMP attack

An EMP attack can affect power grids and electronic devices. Even it can also cause damage to homes and buildings. An EMP attack can even affect your house in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at the details below to understand it better.

So, here we go:

  • An EMP attack will destroy or damage your electronic systems and devices, even the ones in your home. These systems will include heating and cooling systems, home appliances, security systems, and lighting.
  • EMP attack can also disconnect your phone and wi-fi systems, resulting in disrupted communication systems. This effect will make staying connected with your loved ones and emergency services difficult.
  • An EMP attack can also lead to a power surge that may overload an electrical circuit and cause a potential fire hazard. This effect can cause a serious hazard to your personal and home safety.
  • It can also cause serious damage to your home structure based on the intensity of EMP. For instance, damage to the roof or cracks in walls.
  • Above all, an EMP attack can significantly disrupt the supply chain industry. This effect will ultimately make it difficult to obtain water and food. So, you must have a food and water storage plan to survive an EMP attack.

Will mobile phone work during an EMP attack?

Straightforwardly, it is unlikely that your mobile phone will work during an EMP attack. An EMP attack will generate a high-intensity electromagnetic energy burst. It will ultimately destroy or damage electronic devices, even phones, by overloading circuits.

This condition will make your phone malfunction or even stop working completely.

You must remember that the effect on a mobile phone will also vary based on the EMP attack’s intensity and distance from the source. It can still function if the attack isn't powerful and the mobile is shielded. Besides that, a mobile phone kept in a faraday cage that can block EM signals can also survive an EMP attack.

*Important information*

Remember that even if your mobile phone survived an EMP attack, sending messages or making calls can still be difficult. It is mainly due to damaged or destroyed communication infrastructure, including communication lines and cell phone towers.

Besides that, you can't even access email, social media, GPS, or other internet-based services without internet access. Therefore, having an emergency plan that includes alternative communication means is important.

How to prepare yourself to survive an EMP attack?

There exist multiple ways you can adapt to survive an EMP attack safely. However, we have enlisted some of the most effective ones to consider here.

So, here we go:

1. Turn on a battery-powered radio to get information

Remember that most electronic devices will stop working during an EMP attack. However, as per EMP, there are chances that your radio system may work for a short period at least.

You should immediately turn a battery-powered radio on. This practice will help you get as much information as possible by tuning into a news source. Keep the radio on for as long as possible. Also, consider the steps you can perform to survive an EMP attack.

Developing an understanding of electricity-free equipment is also beneficial here.

2. Invest in a faraday bag.

Various people don’t understand the importance of purchasing a faraday bag, but it can protect your electronic devices. An EMP attack will destroy or damage your electronics, but a faraday bag can benefit you in numerous ways. You can use it to protect your large devices from EMP.

You can easily put your important items at risk of damage due to EMP in a faraday bag. This practice will help you protect your valuable items in the best possible way.

3. Consider safety precautions if you need to go out during an EMP attack

Whether you must go out to retrieve your family or weren't home during an EMP attack, you certainly need to go out. If you have to go less than 3 to 4 miles, staying out of the vehicle would be better. Prefer walking back roads or side streets to avoid chaos.

You should also prefer covering your face with a mask or cloth to avoid breathing toxins.

4. Keep food and water supply needs in mind.

One of the key things that you must keep in your EMP attack surviving checklist is food and water supply. You can consider having canned food and other items with longer shelf life in stock to survive the emergency. You can also consider investing in any pre-manufactured food options. Having adequate water and food supply in hand will prevent their shortages. 

*Additional tip*

You never know what can happen the very next moment during an EMP attack. Medical supplies can also get out of stock in any place affected by an EMP attack. Therefore, owning a medical kit with adequate medical supplies is always smart. So, you must consider it while preparing a checklist for surviving an EMP attack.

5. Manage a communication source.

In an EMP attack, you should forget about communication means. You may get into a situation where you need emergency help for yourself or your loved ones. So, you must keep a communication device in your faraday cage. In challenging or difficult times, it can be useful to communicate with your loved ones and know their condition.

Fortunately, the details mentioned here will help you prepare for surviving an EMP attack. You are now all set to prepare you're surviving an EMP attack checklist and stay aware of the events.


Surviving an EMP attack can be challenging because it can disrupt electrical and communication systems. You must have a full-fledged emergency plan to stay safe during an EMP.

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