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John Roman

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preppers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preppers

If you’re in love with a survivalist, that box of Ferrero Rochers isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to show the prepper in your life how much you love them, you’ll stay far away from those dreadful teddy bears and grab one of these Valentine’s Day gifts instead.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preppers

Baro Cook XL Stove and Mug Cookset

Baro stove valentine’s day gifts

If you’ve been dying for your significant other to make you a nice homecooked meal, maybe this was the extra push they needed. The thermal pot and thermos/mug set comes with everything you need to heat meals and drinks literally anywhere. The heat pack reacts with a small amount of water to generate heat for up to 30 minutes, so now they really don’t have any excuse not to cook.

Knife Carrying Storage Case

knife carrying bag valentine’s day gifts

If the prepper in your life has an impressive (or maybe even absurd) collection of knives, this knife carrying storage case is the perfect gift for them. Every prepper needs somewhere to store his or her knives, and this top-quality case ensures quick and easy access to them.

2 Pack BattlBox Flasks

2 battlbox flasks valentine’s day gifts

Just look at how sleek and clean these flasks are, and they pair perfectly with their favorite spirit - a double whammy (you’re welcome). Not to mention, it comes in a pack of two, call it a his and hers set and it’ll be a win-win for the both of you.

DexShell Trekking Waterproof Socks

dexshell socks valentine’s day gifts


The only socks anyone would ever want to get as a present are these bad boys. These mid-calf length, mid-weight merino wool socks are perfect for trekking, hiking, and shoveling the driveway (hint hint). Basically, these socks will keep his feet from feeling cold and clammy so he can hit the outdoors no matter the weather.

Waxed Canvas Rugged Twill Log Carrier

waxed log carrier valentine’s day gifts


We all know how irritating it is to carry firewood to camp. There are a few ways to make this easier, but having the right tools for the job is always a plus. If you have a fireplace inside your home, this gift could help both of you out. Just don’t blame us if they keep asks you to bring the firewood in this time.

With these gift ideas, there’s no way you’ll fail to make your prepper happy this Valentine’s Day. But if you really want to surprise your valentine, you’ll get them a subscription to BattlBox. Believe us, that’s what they really want.

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