Crudcloth Instant Shower in a Bag

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Staying clean while camping, hunting, hiking, or even in a survival situation can be a challenge. Not with this packable “bath.” Simple to use, just Smack!, Squish, Tear, and Scrub. CrudCloth is activated by popping the inner soap pod filled with 100% natural ingredients and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Use CrudCloth in those situations when
you would have killed for a shower or sink, but none were available. This rugged 100% cotton terrycloth washcloth (12"x12") will power through the crud and then some. So durable, you can wash it and use it over and over again! So clean off your face, your body and your gear! Yeah, it’s that tough. Just the right amount of gentle soap and water to give you that shower clean feel with no residue! 100% natural ingredients. Just soap. Just water. Just clean.



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