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Lets face it... there will be a time when you have a cut, or the likes, in the outdoors. Getting that wound clean, closed up, and protected from infection is very important. DuraDerm SPORT dries within 30 seconds and provides advanced skin repair for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and scrapes. This FDA-cleared liquid bandage actively kills
viruses, fungus, and bacteria on contact, seals and protects the wound from water, dirt and oxygen, and promotes faster healing. DuraDerm SPORT does not contain antibiotics.


Remove protective blue cap to expose the tip of the applicator

Point tip toward the ground, firmly squeeze the middle of the applicator (with your thumb and forefinger) to activate the inner vial. You will hear and feel the ‘pop’ of the vial activating

Continue to hold the applicator upside down and begin firmly applying pressure on the tube to load DuraDerm SPORT through the filter and into the tip

Applying more pressure will deliver more fluid to the applicator tip, but be cautious of over-squeezing

To slow down the flow, release pressure on the stick

When tip is saturated, apply the liquid evenly on and around the wound

Cover an area that extends beyond the edges of the wound

When used at room temperature, DuraDerm SPORT will dry within approximately 30 seconds and form and polymerize into an elastomeric barrier

Inspect film to be sure a complete, continuous covering of the wound and surrounding area has occurred 

DuraDerm SPORT will cover an area approximately 5 inches by 5 inches

Ensure that DuraDerm SPORT has completely dried before covering with clothing, additional dressings, adhesives or athletic tape. Once completely dry, DuraDerm SPORT will not adhere to clothing or sheets.

For elite athletes, the best time apply DuraDerm SPORT is after showering and/or before bed.


Ideal to use on clean dry wounds for the following applications: 

Kills MRSA on contact, Kills Staph on contact, Kills bacteria on contact, Kills fungus on contact, Kills viruses on contact, Fungal infection prevention, Blister prevention, Blister management, Cuts and scrapes, Abrasions, Turf burn, Road rash, Athlete’s foot, Chaffing, Heal fissures, Sports acne flare-ups, Skin irritations, Scar healing, Scar reduction, Eczema prevention, Minor burns, Post sutures, Tattoo aftercare, Post tattoo removal


+ FDA Cleared

+ Contains no antibiotics

+ Actively kills viruses, fungi and bacteria on contact

+ Biodegradable, water-resistant, durable and odorless

+ Protective barrier is elastomeric and flexes with your body’s movement

+ Promotes optimal healing and recovery


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