Gear Aid Extra Heavy-Duty 1100 Paracord

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Having cordage is a staple in survival, bushcraft, prepping, etc. And 550 cord has pretty much been the standard in those areas. But how about those larger more grueling tasks that could use some cordage on steroids? Designed to be durable and strong, the 1100 Paracord is for extra heavy-duty jobs at camp or in the field.

The 5.5 mm, 16-strand construction, makes it double the strength of 550 Paracord. It’s tough cordage that offers less stretch–ideal for securing shelter and gear. Use it to tie down luggage, tarps, tents, or equipment
on vehicles, kayaks, and rafts. Its burly thickness allows for easier handling when used as a bear hang, clothesline, boat anchor, and kayak towline. Whether camping, hunting, or paddling, this reflective paracord works hard all day and all night. Paracord is a useful tool to keep adventures smooth and manageable no matter the outdoor location or destination.


  • 5.5 mm Thick Cordage
  • Made in 100% nylon
  • 50 ft. Length
  • Reflective Paracord
  • Includes Large Aluminum Carabiner


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