Nomatic Vacuum Bag 2.0 XL



Ever wanted to pack a lot of pillows or bulky blankets, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.? Yeah, it can be a hassle and it can make for a miserable time on location when you want that certain pillow, etc. but couldn’t pack it due to size. This Nomatic Vacuum Bag is here to solve that problem! Pack this bag with your bulky items and close the compression zip opening. Open the vent and start rolling the zipped top downward to push the air out. Once all the air is forced out, you can close the valve and further compact the contents with the straps. This bag makes a world of difference in space savings. Also works great as a place to put dirty clothes while traveling. Helps keep the stank out of the rest of your clothing etc. Made from durable water-resistant materials and from a company that is a leader in the game of organized, quality travel gear and packs.



Large Weight: 0.53 lbs
Large Outer Dimensions: 16" H x 22" W
XL Weight: 0.90 lbs
XL Outer Dimensions: 16" H x 30" W


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