NOSO Custom BattlBox Patches


Let’s face it. If you spend enough time in the outdoors you are for sure going to damage your gear. When it comes to rips and tears of your “cover gear” such as sleeping bags, tents, jackets, inflatable pads, etc. it can really suck if you don’t have a way to repair those in the field. That’s where these NOSO patches come in. Add these to your repair kit for quick and effective repair of your items. These patches are waterproof, durable, lightweight and flexible. Just simply clean any debris from the repair area, peel the patch from its backer, apply to the repair area and set it permanently in place with heat. If in the wild and you don’t have a heat source available, just setting it out in direct sunlight will provide enough radiant heat to set the repair in place. We had NOSO create these patches with a BattlBox design, because who wants a boring looking patch?



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